Promos All good things must come to an end. Part 2

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  1. I Got Beat comes out to a loud crowd in a black t shirt and black pants

    ME - What a night
    (Crowd Chear)
    ME - When i first started[​IMG] here on iwt everyone did not know me but aids knew who i am and as he is leaveing i am leaveing to as i never ever won a match due to my bad grammar so i would like to thank aids , tumbad , ryan davis and tsar see goodbye

    (Nights darken and fireworks starts going up and a coffin is there and i got beat rises from the dead saying )

    i forgot to mention im not leaving im turning dark son

    (lights darken and the coffin stay in the arena)

    Ok real talk aids you have been a amazing guy to work with and i hope you have fun in the future so lets all chant this tonight " AID IS GREAT AIDS IS GREAT AIDS IS GREAT"
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  2. [Suddenly Spawn steps out from the curtain to a deafening pop and he marches down towards I got beat by Ryan Davis]

    Spawn: Shut your fucking mouth. People like you. You disgust me! It's about time I show what I do to those who make me feel sick!

    [Spawn grabs I got beat by Ryan Davis by the throat and slings him across the ring with a chokeslam. the large demon then jumps on top of I got beat by Ryan Davis and begins to pound on his face until he is bloody. The crowd scream in delight at the village idiot being silenced]

    Spawn: Real talk. Aids Johnson died when he lost to Michael. You died when you kissed up to a dead man. RIP you loser.

    [Spawn walks backstage leaving I got beat by Ryan Davis as a bloody mess]
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    Now let me randomize the match
    You up for it
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  4. What the fuck is a Street Match
  5. this
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  6. [Will Savat is walking by a monitor backstage when he sees I got beat by Ryan Davis laying unconscious on the mat soaked in his own blood]
    [The world class superstar then continues with his business]
  7. I'm having fun laughing at this
  8. I'm having fun laughing at this
  9. Damn @Aids Johnson, how does it feel that WUK draws more than you bro?
  10. Good. Now talk to me again when YOU draw more than me son.
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  11. Any reason why you took Aids' thread title? Or are you just too lazy to think of your own?
  12. Well this was a part two u see m8 and i just thourth this would be a follow up to aids anoucment aslo who will get aids title now
  13. Why is this the follow up to Aids' promo. There's nothing in common.
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  14. Well its saying im leaveing for a little while but i want the members to know im gone for good i was going to message you i will be gone until iwtmaina next year where i will make my comeback
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  15. You will be gone for an entire year? Then what's the meaning of this?...

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  16. Please don't exit my life.
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  17. Means im still going to be here just doing interviews as a undercover reporter
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  18. So it's just you proving that you never cared about this place. What ever, suite yourself.

    Never interview me.
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  19. Can you keep a promise this time?
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