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    Aids Johnson walks out to a huge pop as the crowd witnesses the great one for the first time since his huge lost to Roadie the Roadster at the previous PPV. Aids soaks in the crowd, talking that regular shit he does as he walks out to the ramp, before running and sliding into the ring, mic in hand.

    Cut that music! Time to get serious, so let's do it. My time in the sunshine has ended, and it has been long overdue. I've heard the words over and over from opponents, haters, and friends all the same. It's over. 2014 ended and i've done what I could to keep IWT rolling along, good AND bad alike, but I kept this train rolling. Until today.

    The IWT has talent, new stars and old stars alike, and I just don't have the intensity or care to keep going. I've had 4 great title reigns, i've got plenty of nicknames to go home with and wait to be taken away, i'm in the Hall of Fame as the greatest and first inductee, and i'll be happy to see someone or many people replace me in my positions. I'm talking to you, Joey Bryant.

    It's time, and it's been a good time. Senhor, Dat Kid, Christian, and so many others are gone and appreciated, and yet here I stand, the last of the 1st generation of the IWT competitors. So today it is a great honor to declare myself as finally retired in the business of IWT. I retired before, but came back because Jonofag ran this shit into the ground, but now this ship has been righted in the running of @Tsar aka Roadie the Roadster, who I made sure stayed in the IWT after his first run. I have always tried to stay optimistic as to who really appreciates being here, and it has payed off.

    So tonight it is with great honor and privilege I retire for one more time, saying congratulations to the new class of people coming into IWT as well as my brothers, friends, and enemies who continue to keep this brand alive. Embrace the brand split, make something of yourself, wins and losses don't make a champion...just keep winning when it matters. The IWT will be better without me, and I am thankful for that. Finally, something I have loved and enjoyed can succeed without the attention/love/care Aidsey brings to the table. New heroes, new villains, new everything.

    Today I say goodbye, and hopefully this is the last time. I have had my time in the spotlight, today is your time to shine. But as I leave, I leave with one parting thought.

    *Aids walks out as the audience peers into the titantron, with a countdown to Y2Aids appearing on screen.
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  3. Nah homie, it's over.
  4. :woods:see ya in a couple months
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  5. IF I returned in a couple months, you still wouldn't be in the title scene. I wont be back unless Roadie needs it, and with the current situation, he wont.
  6. I don't know what you mean by that cause I am retired for life.
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  7. Michael appears on the titantron, standing in the backstage interview area with his gear on and with the title on flung over his shoulder. He has a large smile on his face.

    Michael: I appreciate the kind words, but I don't give a shit if you think me taking your job, was good for the IWT. I always thought my words rang with figures of speech, but it has happened. Aids Johnson is retiring. We all know you'll be back by Summer Slam, but as for right now - It's great. I took your title, your pride, your credibility and, for the price of one, I took your career. For 4 years, you ran around this place as "Mr. IWT" and it wasn't Parker, Kid, Bryant, Antonio or Spawn that could stop you; it was me. You thought that beating me was going to guarantee that you would become the longest reigning champion, and I have to admit, it feels so fucking good that your little plan backfired.

    Michael runs his hands across his face and laughs.

    Michael: Now you're gonna go back to Milwaukee, a sham of a man. You're going back to Milwaukee an embarrassment. You're going to back Milwaukee...a loser. You've lost a lot in your time in the IWT, but this is the greatest loss of them all. You lost your career. The one thing people wish to build and for it go out in a blaze of glory...died like a weak candle. You talked a big game about how you were going to bury me. Ironically, you were the one fucking buried. Roadie the Roadster put you six feet under and filled the mud house. I piss on your grave, just like I did on your parents. I don't give a shit if you leave or come back, just know you'll never hear the end of this - from me.
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  8. Aids walks his way out to claps and "Thank you Aidsey" chants, Michael appears on the titantron. Aids stops to stare and witness what Michael has to say, same as the crowd. Aids wipes the sweat off his face and demands another microphone. As the video ends, Aids turns to the crowd.

    I am tired of playing games like this, tired of fools like Michael biting the hand that feeds them. The truth is I didn't want to come back, I did it because of how much I wanted IWT to succeed. Your leader Roadie begged me to face FTJ and I said okay to make sure he didn't fuck things up so quickly it ruined what I tried to keep going. I haven't given one single fuck about this whole deal in months, it's why I was paper champ, why I couldn't beat Forte, and why YOUR current champ is a transition to someone who fucking matters.

    The truth of the matter is that this new crew of people here are what has made the IWT relevant again: not me, not Forte, not Joey Bryand and certainly not Roadster. You will always just be the new Jonathan, replaceable by anyone with the time to run this company. I am not leaving to run from you, I am leaving because of you. You owe me gratitude for everything I have done here. You may never say it, but it's already etched in stone.

    Who will be the new Mr. IWT? Who will be the next Mr. Mania? Will there ever be another 4x champ? Those will all be answered, but your name will never be on any single one of them. *Aids throws down his mic and walks out the stage to leave*
  9. overshadowed by a goof stealing my thunder, and I don't mean Roadie.

    Also I already am the longest reigning champ in IWT, i'd be beating my own record had I beat you @Tsar bby. Still the GOAT.