All Hail King Charles St. James III

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  1. Announcer 1: What is this?
    Lighting turns gold, out comes, out comes this guy named Ferrel throwing some roses down (he's a little bit of a retard)
    Ferrel: *With a weird tone* All hail the king! All hail the king!
    *Ferrel throws roses all over the place, points to the side, out of the side come 2 white horse with guys dressed like knights on them, behind them are 4 guys carrying one of those throne platform things, there is a throne on top and there he is! King Charles St. James the Third! He stands up from his throne with the men carrying him towards that ring, raises his hands horizontally, in his right hand is a golden staff. He has a very kingly crown, looks golden with a different colored jewels in it, as the throne approaches the ring, Ferrel is bowing down like a maniac. The men with the help of the 2 knights get the throne peace is the middle of the ring, with King St. James still sitting in it. The 4 servants stand behind the king, as the knights stay on the horses on either side of the ring, Ferrel stand next to the king, he has a mic*
    Ferrel: Long Live King Charles St. James the Third!
    *Hands King Charles the mic*
    King Charles: Behold! True Royalty! From the great land where royality originated itself!

    I am here for one reason! And one reason only! The reason I left England was because they thought they couldn't have an aire like me to the throne! The 3rd aire is a Smelly little infant! So I came to rule America you fat peasants! ALL YOU FAT PEASANTS!

    Ferrel: FAT PEASANTS!!! *Bows down like a retard*

    King Charles: Thank you Ferrel, your family was serving me for many decorations... *pats Ferrel's head*

    *Crowd Loudly Boos*

    You boo me? *Stands up out of throne* England gives you one the biggest ejects aires ever seen and you boo me!? How dare you, you big oaths, I COMMAND YOU TO BOW DOWN, BOW DOWN TO ME, BOW DOWN TO YOUR NEW RULER!!!!! FERREL!!!

  2. *Adam Aries' theme hits and he walks down to the ring to a pop from the crowd*​
    Whoah Whoah Whoah!​
    Royalty you say? Royalty? You claim to be royalty? Back of the line you idiot.​
    *Crowd pops*​
    You see you arent convincing anyone, You have not proved to anyone you deserve to be called royalty and you havent fooled The Greatest Man To Ever Live ADAM ARIES!​
    *Crowd pops*​
    See this crowd loves me, And theres reasoning behind it, I come out here every night and prove to these people why I am the greatest and why I am allowed to call myself as such, You come out here a disrespect me and everyone else in the back. So tonight you get a shot, If you can bring yourself out here later face me one on one so you can attempt to prove why you are called royalty.​
  3. * King Charles looks at Aries, laughs *
    Your challenging the king? Your challenging me to duel where we only bear our fists in this pitiful square shaped structure?
    Very Well... I'll grant you your desire, but mark my words, in the end you will bow down to me...
    *Ferrel bows down again like a lunatic*
    You will ALLL! BOW DOWN! Once i'm done with you! Hahahahaha!
    *claps his hands, the 2 knights on the horses get in the ring to protect The King from any attacks from Aries, King Charles sits back in the throne, the 4 peasants carry him out so he can get ready for his first match*
    Announcer: Well there we go! I guess it's gonna be King Charles St. James III vs. Adam Aries!
    OOC: Who ever makes the matches, make it
  4. ooc: Of course this happens as soon as I make a new Warrior King gimmick.