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  1. Backstage after his match with Jack Lux, Braeden Cross is approached by interviewer Jason Scott.
    Jason Scott: Braeden congratulations on your win against Jack Lux. What are your reactions?
    Cross looks right at Jason, wipes his forehead and raises Jason's mic up to his mouth
    Braeden Cross: Well... I'm beaten up, I'm tired, I've got a shit tonne of adrenaline and I've tied the fucking series. I'm ready for the final match in the series.
    Jason: Alright Braeden, will your mindset change in the final match?
    Braeden Cross: No, as I said in the interview before this match, my mind set is still win. Win at all fucking costs. Jack Lux will slip up again and I'll take advantage. I'm ready for IWT SummerSlam. And when I win the series, I'm coming for whoever the IWT Intercontinental Champion is. And that's a fucking promise.
    Jason Scott: Well Braeden, thank you for your time.
    Cross shakes Jason's hand and walks off.
    Jason sees Jack Lux and approaches him for a comment

    Jason Scott: Excuse me, Jack, you came up short in your match with Braeden Cross tonight. Do you have anything to say?
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  2. *Lux stops in front of Jason Scott and the Cameraman*

    Jack Lux: Yeah, I do. Braeden got lucky. I got to entertain by the fact the I was eviscerating him. I made a mistake and he took advantage.
    Jason Scott: What you're mindset going into the last match at Summerslam?
    Jack Lux: To beat Braeden Cross and shut him up for good. I'm tired of his bullshit. Then when I'm temporarily done with him. I'm going after the Intercontinental Championship.
    Jason Scott: Thanks you for your time, Jack.

    *Jack Lux doesn't acknowledge Jason Scott last comment and walks off*

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  4. OOC: appreciate the concern lad, but we didn't say we'd be #1 contender, we said we'd be setting our sights on it :kermit:
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  5. Got my eye on you boyo
  6. OOC: coming for you, lad. If you win the #1 contendership that is