Storyline Allow Me To Introduce Myself

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  1. The crowd have confused faces as ominous music bellows from the speakers.
    Their faces look even more bewildered when a sharply dressed man appears from behind the curtains.
    The man in the suit makes his way to the ring with a smug grin plastered on his face.
    The man picks up a microphone.

    "Good evening. My name.... Is Perceval Donohue. And I am not here to shake babies and kiss hands. I'm here to bring something new to IWT. This place has been missing something. And that is the British style of wrestling.

    Most people here believe that it's acceptable to do MMA nonsense in a wrestling ring. Those people are wrong. I'm here to make people know that there is only one right way of wrestling. And that is my way."

    The crowd don't take well to Perceval's claims. They show this by booing him.

    "I thought you'd react this way. You simpletons are so predictable it isn't even funny. Allow me to properly introduce myself. I am Perceval Donohue and you'll hear the name often very soon. I won't talk for much longer now, I know how some people like it that way. Bye. Have a safe journey home."

    Perceval leaves the ring and heads backstage.

  2. "I am not here to shake babies and kiss hands. " sup Ant-man
  3. I didn't watch the movie
  4. skip to 0:37 to get the joke
  5. For the record. This guy has nowt to do with NGW. No association
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