Storyline Almost (Trevor Raynor's Post Match Response & Open Challenge for Summerslam)

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    Trevor Raynor walks out to the stage with a microphone wearing a Judas Priest t-shirt, black jeans, white sneakers, and sunglasses and holding a microphone in his right hand. He stops and shrugs his shoulders on the ramp and then continues to make his way to the ring. He enters through the middle rope and shrugs his shoulders again to the crowd again before beginning to speak.

    Almost. I almost had him. For those who don't know already, I was defeated by Aiden Ryan in my in-ring debut. We gave each other one hell of a match. But in the end I didn't have what it took to get the job done. That match really could have gone either way. We were so matched in the ring that it we both probably had a 50/50 shot of advancing in the tournament.

    Aiden Ryan I saw what you said about me after our match. I have to say it, I'm glad that I was the challenge you were waiting for, and I have to let you know that you were the mountain that I needed to climb and conquer. However, I didn't conquer Everest. But I was about a few steps from the top. And that's one hell of an achievement. Aiden I know you have what it takes to win the X-Division title at Summerslam, I've experienced it first hand. And I want you to know that if you do win the belt, that I'm always here.

    When I got in the ring with you I felt something. What I felt was pure enjoyment. I felt it from you too. We were just two guys enjoying a good fight. We put on one of the best matches the X-Division has ever seen, and I can't wait to put on an even better one. So don't expect to hold that title for very long Aiden, because I'm not going anywhere. ;)

    Something that's been in the back of mind since my defeat was that, what the hell am I gonna do now? Now even though I didn't get the 1-2-3 on Aiden, I think I proved that I can hang with the best. So if anyone wants to put their title up against me at Summerslam, or if anyone wants to just have a match, let me know. Because I'm not going to let this loss be a burden on myself. With every match I will improve, and the biggest learning experiences come with a loss. You know where to find find me challengers. And with that I await my next opponent. I'll see you guys soon. I'm coming back better then before, do not count out Trevor Raynor.

    Trevor Raynor's special outro music blasts and Trevor Raynor walks back up the ramp high fiving fans and smiling

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  2. OOC: If anybody wants to accepts Mr. Raynor's challenge please let me know by the 12th because we want to finalize the SS card by the 13th.
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    *As Trevor makes his way up the ramp, Lee comes out to a mixed reception, wearing his "BeLEEve" shirt once again, people curious as to what he will say to Trevor. Lee takes his time approaching Trevor, eventually he gets relatively close to him.*

    Lee: Mr. Raynor, you and Ryan put on one of the best X-Division matches I, and the rest of the IWT Universe has EVER seen! You guys put on a god-damn clinic, and the crowd was left eager for more. Even though you didn't get the W on your record, you're stock has raised ten-fold. Me, you, these fans...are all smart enough to know, you'll be above the X-Division pretty soon anyway.

    Meanwhile at X-Communication, I faced a false prophet, the 'man' known as B.Dazzle, with him being Mr.MITB and me just only coming back from a near crippling head injury, people thought it was pretty open and shut, Dazzle would start his terror as Mr.MITB by brushing me aside. That's not always how the fairytale exactly goes, right? I took the odds against me AND I STOMPED THEM INTO DUST, just like I've STOMPED DAZZLE'S EGO!!! He thought he was going to revenge his losses to me.... and I just humiliated him!

    Both me and you... Have momentum now, and I know that you can put on a MOTN with nearly anyone, so heck, with someone with a relatively good level of ability like myself... We can show everyone... You don't need any petty stipulations, any gold, any frivolousness like that! You just need two brilliant individuals with brilliant talent to tear down one of the BIGGEST PPV'S OF THE YEAR!!!

    So how does it sound..Trevv? At Summerslam: Lord Lee *Points to himself* vs Trevor Raynor *Points at Trevor*!

    *Crowd applaud in anticipation*
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  4. Trevor Raynor smiles at the crowd's reaction and looks around at this fans and mouths "should I?" The crowd cheers even louder. Trevor takes a few steps closer to Lord Lee so he can talk to him. "You've got yourself a match" Raynor says and the crowd roars. Raynor walks past Lord Lee and through the curtain, pleased with his Summerslam opponent.
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