Almost two weeks on since we have moved

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  1. From our previous software, MyBB. I wanted to make a thread simply asking for your feedback so far. From an Administrator point of view, I could not be happier. Traffic has somehow almost doubled, activity is even higher than before, and the site is very fast. It feels like the site is on a whole new foundation - which it is - and that we can improve it much easier and faster than before. From a personal stand point, I freaking love it. I love the UI, I love the features, I love the interaction, I simply love it.

    So what about you? Before you answer, you should know a few things:

    • I hate the header too. We are getting a new one.
    • I'm looking to upgrade our status system as well.
    Other than those things, how is everything so far? :emoji_slight_smile:
  2. I don't have mod powers in the group i bought.
  3. It's tight though. Once the status system is updated i'll like it the same as before.
  4. I miss a few things from MyBB, but other than that, it's alright.
  5. It's a lot better, feels so much more slick and quick. Overall very happy with the move. Also, I've noticed a lot of new members, whether that be from MP or the move itself it's been great for the site and really increased activity. Been a great decision to move.
  6. *Posts of LDT dont count for the top contributor stuff.

    *Signatures are sometimes a mess

    there's some weird stuff that shows up at times (SIZE13X) or something like that

    No direct coments on statuses

    I miss the *Who posted in the thread* feature

    And well.. the userbars and the fact that you can only change your name once a month(Miss the cash system)

    But that's it. I might have been a little bit too....bitchy but the rest its awesome. My activity has increased like 150% Wich reminds me that I miss the average of posts per day.

    Great move
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  7. lol header sux
  8. OMG old site is better because old>new
    70's music rock
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    Naw I enjoy the site a lot more then the last one. I have no problems with anything really, just wish I could mod my group section of the forums.
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  9. MyBB tags still seem to haunt us at times. If you copy a piece of news from a dirt sheet for example.
  10. WTF Is a simatic? Also yeah thus thing is cool except for poll results, the option to make them public isn't there.
  11. This is it. My activity hasn't increased that much but yeah, it has increased.
  12. Nice answers so far, I appreciate the honesty.
    • Group owners will be able to moderate their sections in due time, don't worry about that.
    • The status system will hopefully be upgraded eventually.
    • Go away Leo C
    • I'm not sure what you mean Rodrigo by signatures are sometimes a mess? The current editor we use lets you see what it looks like beforehand, so I don't see how it can be a mess.
    • The code issues are weird, but if you're copying something from another site, highlight everything after copying it and press the top left button on the editor (the rubber). That gets rid of the format. It will then appear properly. Alternatively, if you're copying something, press the top right button (two A's), and then copy and paste it in. That will have no formatting at all; the editor completely changes. If you do that, click the "Use Rich Text Editor" button to get back to the normal editor. Hope this helped.
    • I will chase up a who posted in the thread feature; not sure if such a feature exists though.
    • We can increase name changes to fortnightly if legends want that?
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  13. I think he means that signatures (at least for regular users like me) are a mess, I like the images limit but having only 6 lines limit it's not a good idea imo, maybe a 10 limit would be better
  14. Who uses six lines in their signature?
  15. [​IMG]
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  16. I was going to use a seventh line in mine and couldn't that's why I use pics now
  17. Also forgot this, I can't change the thread's title, I can't create a poll after the thread is created and I can't close my own threads
  18. You are not a legend so you're not supposed to be able to close your own thread. I think the two prior to that can be done via the user essentials plugin we have.
  19. Just minor complaints ie the status system and I liked the look of the userbars/message count/likes received area more at mybb. The multiple userbar thing on here is disgusting IMO
  20. I hate that as well, but group members want their bar displayed -.-. Wish we didn't have userbars at all to be honest. Groups should have a one group only rule, so we don't have so many userbars on each profile.