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  1. If Brita is going to be gone, then she should accept Jonathan Moving to GM. He has successfully made things worth for what has essentially been the last 3 months, and deserves some form of credit for it. Crayo and dicks like Dean Seabsrose are going to go against it, and that's fine, but even they will have to accept Jonathern has made this place work, and well, for nearly every ppv, and all three important ones since its inception. Britanica should still be a GM in sight but unfortunately life happens, and she should let jonathan take over the day to day operations, since we have at least 3 site staff members here on a day to day basis.

    If you disagree, i understand, but we all ahve to agree putting someone above jonathan after all the work he has put in is an extreme amount of bs, and it may take changing a site rule to get it work, but the guy has spent countless hours actually making sure the IWT works smoothly, and Xanth hasnt been here at all, meaning Crayo has only spent a few posts wasting his time here. I think Crayo has been tagged more in this post alone than most IWT posts in general, tell me i'm wrong.

    ETA: we can have a poll if needed. Put it up mods if necessary.
  2. Actually, Dean Seabsrose was suggesting someone else do it as well. You wouldn't know that, you quit.
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  3. Jonathan or DKFJ are both fine for it.
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  4. What about DKFJ?
  5. ninja'd
  6. I think that DKFJ is going to step up to be a GM if he loses his belt. Him and Jonathan running day to day could work well.
  7. Any of them work well for me. Danielson not competing hasnt kept me from watching who has ran thigns, and im not suggesting Brita leave or get booted, just saying someone should have mod powers for when it matters.
  8. Mod powers aren't required lol, all that's needed is someone to make the feuds.
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  9. Gohan is back this week, and there have been other times where it would be easier. Like i mentioned above you and spot and crayo are around quite a bit so that makes things easier, and is just my opinion. You know, since i typed it myself.
  10. Personally, I'd love to run IWT jointly with Dat Kid as he also has put a lot of time and effort into this section.

    Currently he's a champion so he wouldn't be able to take up the role unless he loses the title.
  11. With Gohan? You gotta be kiddin' me :lol1:
  12. Nope.
  13. Yeah mod powers definitely aren't required
  14. Love you too <3
  15. Skype
  16. I dont want any authoritative role until some can take the belt off me which im certain will happen at this ppv.

    Im in Pennsylvania right now, so im relying on mobile. Excuse my delays in response
  17. Why can't a champ be a GM too?
  18. Its my own personal choice. It just doesnt seem right to me, especially since im WWE champ of all championships. A person who has the power to book matches holding belts in a non-kayfabe way, it just doesnt feel right
  19. Triple h?

    Coolio daddio.
  20. That would require me to be married to someone in charge. Jonathan's not my type and brit is in a committed relationship with gohan
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