Storyline Alright Gav...

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  1. *The fans begin to boo as B.Dazzle appears on the titantron. He's wearing a black suit and some shades. His Briefcase sits on a table in front of him.*

    Dazzle: Gav, B.Dazzle knows your candy ass is somewhere out there, and B.Dazzle hopes your listening. For weeks now, since B.Dazzle whipped your ass at Money in the Bank, you've been whining and begging B.Dazzle to give you a match at Summerslam. Now, B.Dazzle wasn't going to give you your match because, well lets face it, you are nothing but a walking, talking pile of trash. But after the little stunt you pulled on B.Dazzle after his match with Lord Lee, well Gav, you crossed the damn line. Now, B.Dazzle is going to whip your monkey ass right back over it. You want B.Dazzle to go down to that ring and sign a contact for a match at Summerslam, with my Briefcase on the line?

    *B.Dazzle stops to think before nodding his head.*


    *Crowd Pop.*

    Dazzle: B.Dazzle will see your rudy poo candy ass there, jabroni. But just be warned. You pull one stunt, one little stunt before both of us sign that contract, and you will not, and B.Dazzle means WILL NOT, get the match at Summerslam!
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