Storyline "Always A Weak One"

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  1. A Hand is shown twirling around a party blower, As the camera zooms out it fits in place of a man wearing a mask. His free hand slowly rises up and pushes the mask up and over his head. (Allowing it to fall onto the cold cemented floor)

    "Happy 2015, Now the last time you all saw me was i guess a little confusing to say the least? First i was speaking about leaving the company, then returning to watch a show, next thing you know i'm now in a two on one handicap match at the royal rumble. So to whom that may be concerned , no. i am not leaving IWT anytime soon. And yes i get that maybe my mind isn't exactly set for an industry with such macho ego's and buffed up hot shots who get everything given to them simply because they are mindless robots, but i can assure most of you that my mental state is in full tack. I will not make the same mistakes that i made prior to my short departure at the end of 2014."

    The Camera follows Aiden Down as he sits and crosses his both his legs on the cement floor, twiddling the party blower he rests his chin in the palm of his hand and begins to speak again.

    "Which brings me to my next subject, As a rookie starting out in this company... all i ever wanted was to stand out and be one of the guys. If you look at me, I don't weigh as heavy as most of these guys do. I don't have the connections, i don't even have a person to fall back on. There is alot that i am missing in this industry and it's not like i haven't tried, man have i tried to earn respect, week after week, day after day, but some people you just can not please and that's okay. You don't need to earn respect to win in this company, all you need to do is prove that you can stand on your own two feet with... or without a partner. Speaking of partners... i get that me heading into a two on one is rather ridiculous considering that i don't have that much in ring superiority that most do, but what i do have that is a brain... My intellect unlike Danny Jacobs and Alkatrz is far more superior then their two head's combined. And in no way am i trying to intimidate these fools, rather i am sending a direct message towards them... Heading into our two on one match what is your strategy, Guys? I mean we only have a limited amount of time left before our match... do you have a plan? have you discussed it over with one another in a tiny corner? I mean god forbid one of you screws up, you could let your team down.... or you could cost eachother the match... and that would be such a shame... what a shame it'd truly be for that one man to take down two men simply because he scouted out the weakest link. There is always a weak one... It's just a matter of observing and watching who the weakest one is..."

    Aiden Ryan Tilts his head sideways as the camera zooms slowly but closely towards him.

    "And i think i know exactly which one of you it is... Oh and before i go... Just think about what exactly you two have gotten yourselves into... I may be prince but i have a reputation of being some what..."

    As he sits there with his head tilt a sadistic grin begins to draw.

    "It doesn't matter, you'll find out. They always do."

    He gives a wink and the titantron fades away.

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