Storyline Am I Really The Underdog?

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  1. *Tyson Storm appears from behind the curtain. Tyson begins to make his way down to the ring with a mixture of boos and cheers, he stops at ringside smiling at the cameras. Tyson begins to enter the ring, he climbs the top rope and performs his signature taunt to the audience which is a thumbs down, he then jumps down to the ring with great agility. Tyson calls for a microphone as he opens his arms to take in his mixed reaction. One of the announcers quickly hands Tyson his mic which Tyson laughs at as the announcer runs away. Tyson begins to speak after a short wait*

    Tyson Storm
    : Well...Well.... Last night Scott Fargo in his words acknowledged me. That trailer park boy decided to interrupt me, and he tried to embarrass me. To tell you all the truth, I was waiting for him to show up. I knew he had to do something about his loss to me, and it seems last night was the night. Do I care? Yes. Why does he think he can show up, and do whatever he likes to attempt some pathetic macho show down? Is he proud of that performance last night? Coming out and talking crap? Why not do something about the loss he suffered to me? I was broken in that ring, and he should have delivered some pain onto my broken body. It wouldn't have done much to his credibility other than beating a man while he's down, and I'm going to take a big guess that he has done that before. I just expected more from the reigning Universal Champion. I just got the same Scott Fargo I saw on day one. Will this match be any different? Maybe. Maybe Scott learned his lesson and began training more? Maybe he's preparing for me? Or maybe he's just doing the same thing he done last time. I have a massive feeling he is still going to underestimate me, and I will be honest with you, that shit will break you. I did the same thing to Ivy Hale and that didn't turn out the way I wanted. Scott, don't make that mistake again. I don't want people to question the result of IWT Anarchy, so be ready for the fight of your life. I have so much up my sleeve that IWT hasn't even seen yet, and boy, I'm going to show everything Tyson Storm is made of at IWT Anarchy. You think our first match was bad? Lad, that's nothing to what I'm going to do at IWT Anarchy. I'm going to show everyone in the back, everyone watching at home, and most importantly I will show myself that I am better than you. They all think this will be a easy 1...2...3 for you, but it won't be anywhere close to easy. I'm not playing it dumb this time around. I'm going into our match with all the information in the world, and I'm going to use it correctly. I want that title with all my heart, and I will be damned if I lose my shot to you, Scott Fargo. IWT Anarchy will be the PPV of Tyson Storm and Slate Bass. D.T.F will walk away with the Universal Championship and Tag Team titles all in the same damn night! We're both hungry for glory, and we're both ready to takeover.

    *Tyson Storm begins to rub his nose as he walks around the ring, he stops at one of the corners and begins to speak once again*

    Tyson Storm: You know what, I don't think I can wait until IWT Anarchy to beat that douchenozzle. I have a big feeling that we both will be meeting each other in this ring before IWT Anarchy. Scott, I'm not going to stand here and act like you're not a big threat. You're Universal Champion for a reason. At the same time though you have a pack of followers that call themselves wrestlers following you everywhere. I'm sure these guys helped you win a match once or twice. I don't dislike those guys, but you guys are taking orders from this loon. I'm going to guess you all feel like you're equals? I've been here less than a month and I can clearly see him calling the shots. You're helping him reach the top of the mountain while you all fall. Do you really think he's friends with you all? He's playing you all, and you're all just foolish to fall for it. Maybe you think it's smart to join a known group, but is it really that smart? I've been here for two weeks and I already have him running around after me. He's smart though, I'll give him that. Gathering all of this talent and making them follow your lead? It keeps you in the top spot and you always have help when you need it. I bet whenever someone gets too big for their boots, you will make the leadership decision of kicking them, and you would end up as the aggressor as they just try to keep up with the big guns. That's the difference with me and Slate. We both know we need each other to survive while the Bullad Club is out for what it can get. I'm not even going to get into that name because I just don't fucking know what it means.

    *Tyson Storm stops speaking for a few seconds to gather his thoughts*

    Tyson Storm: I'm not even that angry. I just wanted a lot more from the Universal champion. If anything I'm just disappointed. My thoughts have been going overtime for the past few weeks. All these bad thoughts about Fargo not being ready, but from the looks of it I would say he was perfectly ready on that day. Scott, is this all you have to offer? Please tell me you have a lot more. You know what.....

    *Tyson Storm gets to his knees in a begging position, he calls for the camera to come face to face with him.*

    Tyson Storm: I beg you to have more in the tank. I don't want to go into IWT Anarchy and see the same performance. I'm going all out and I want you to do the same. I want these people to see the best of Scott Fargo, because once the best of Scott Fargo comes out, I can guarantee you all that the best of Tyson Storm will be waiting.

    *Tyson Storm gets back to his feet and begins to speak once again*

    Tyson Storm: I want this match to be remembered in the history books. I don't want it to go down as anticlimactic or anything in that nature. I want match of the night at IWT Anarchy. I want my first PPV win to mean something spectacular. I want to beat Scott Fargo at his best and become IWT Universal Champion at my first PPV match. Am I ready? I already know the answer. Does the backstage think I'm ready? Probably not, but that's the point of this. I made the biggest impact possible in my debut and they were shocked. They think I'm a one hit wonder who can't do it again. The truth is, I have massive things in store for that PPV match. You really haven't seen the best of Tyson Storm.

    *Tyson Storm drops the mic to a mixed reaction from the audience. Tyson Storm begins to make his way up to the stage, he stops for a few seconds on top of the ramp staring back at the ring with excitement, the camera gets a close up to Tyson's face to end the segment*
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