Kayfabe Amateur?

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  1. Vanessa York stands in the middle of the ring, microphone in hand.
    Vanessa: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, the newest signing to the roster here on Exodus, an NCAA Division 1 Collegiate Wrestler, holding a record of thirty-six wins with only four losses, Reese MaCleod! (pronounced MaCloud)

    Reese MaCleod comes out to a thunderous ovation, after having beaten the current World Heavyweight Champion, Robert Blake, in his debut match the week prior.
    Vanessa: Good to have you here on Exodus Reese-
    Reese: Thank you, it's feels great to be here Vanessa!
    Vanessa: Well I can see that you're excited, as you should be, since you managed to defeat out current World Heavyweight Champion, Robert Blake, in your very first match here on Exodus just one week ago. The match did seem pretty even from the onset, however you did appear to struggle closer to the conclusion of the match. Your thoughts on that?
    Reese: Well first off, as you yourself did mention before I came out here, I am an NCAA Division 1 Collegiate wrestler. Not just that, but I am a champion. I was able to achieve my goals there, and I'm looking to make a name for myself here. So, naturally, I was giving it my all against the World Champion, I mean I had to if I wanted to be taken seriously. However, he has been doing this longer than I have, the sports entertainment and professional wrestling aspect at least. But I am an athlete at heart and I have a fighting spirit that just won't quit. During my time wrestling in college I earned myself a nickname-
    Vanessa: And what would that nickname be?
    Reese: Lightning. Reese "Lightning" MaCleod. I was quick on my feet, with a game-plan that couldn't be beat. So once I saw that the end was near for me, I did all I could do to win that match. My first match. Not many people get a chance to have a second-first. But this was mine and I'll admit, I stole that win from the champ. I merely survived at the end there.
    Vanessa: Reese, what exactly do you mean when you say that this was your chance at a "second-first'?
    Reese: One of my four collegiate losses came on my first match. I was beat and out-wrestled, I have no shame in that. But when it comes to it, on this second-first, my shoulders weren't being pinned to that mat. Let me make this one thing clear, everybody on that roster better clean out their ear. I'm Reese MaCleod; give me the best you got because I'm two times as nice. I'm willing to do anything, ya'll walking on thin ice. Now I might seem like sugar, but trust me there's spice. I'm going to show all of you-that "Lightning" strikes twice.
    Reese smiles at the camera and winks at Vanessa York, as the audience in attendance cheers for him. The show then cuts to commercial.
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