News Ambrose to star in WWEstudios movie

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  1. Good for Dean. I guess that means Rollins walks winning out of this rivalry since it would like kinda off silly to have Dean win and not cash in on the momentum. But good for him.
  2. Lionsgate + Ambrose = massive failure.
  3. :hmmm: Guess I'll have to see how he does
  4. Judging by the name it sounds like a prison break style movie.

    I can believe Ambrose in that type of role.
  5. Lionsgate has had a few good movies.....Batman most of, but yeah.
  6. Lockdown? OH HELL NO!!! WWE CAWPY TFA!!!!!! @Crayo REMOOV IMMEDETLY!!!!
  7. I'll be going to see this in theaters if it makes it that far.
  8. Will be interested in seeing him.
  9. If he's anything like Roddy Piper, he may be a decent actor. Until The Rock showed up, Piper was head and shoulders above every other wrestler on the silver screen.
    Actually, I prefer Piper over The Rock in terms of believ-ability.
  10. The plot sounds fairly decent and Ambrose seems like he'd be believable in the role. I don't usually go out of my way to watch WWE produced films, but I might give this one a go.
  11. Good for him, don't really care though.
  12. Your Beavis and Butt-head gimmick isn't only negative but adds nothing unless you support it with an argument.
  13. I'll keep that in mind
  14. If it's a prison break movie, then I suppose Ambrose would be good for that. The look would fit him since he looks much better with a dirty look, and of course his gimmick could match that if they aim for a loud or crazy guy. I would be interested in the movie really, glad to see one of the Shield members doing a movie, even if it is WWE studios. Hopefully he can make this movie at least watchable.
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  15. Will there be full frontal nudity????? Ummmm.......I only ask cause @GrammarNazi82 made me. :silva:
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  16. Would give me a reason to get arrested like PeeWee Herman :4/10:
  17. His look would sit well with a disheveled character. Any character who is unsure of his own morality (or sanity) for that matter would suit Dean Ambrose.
    It's refreshing to see a WWE wrestler play a character that has flaws but at the same time is clearly human.
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  19. It'd have to be a must watch then.:fap:
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