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    Welcome, to the newest wrestling company in the Independent scene! This, is American Made Wrestling, from the heart of Philly inside the legendary 2300 Arena! This may not be the best, but just like an American Dream, we'll work and make this company along the lines of other successful companies!

    Now, AMW is an opportunity for those to make a name for themselves, just like people did in ECW. This company is funded by me, Farooq. I own and fund this company, and I will make sure that everybody enjoys this product, either as a fan or wrestler, and will leave you all coming back for more!

    Now, anybody is allowed to sign up, but first you must confirm that you read the rules., which are here:

    1. No flaming anyone out of character.
    2. No cheating.
    3. Only you are allowed to write your own promos.
    4. Voting will be by the public, but you must give a reason unto why you vote or your vote will not be counted.
    5. Main Event matches are special guest referee matches decided by me with the AMW scoring guide.
    6. Champions must defend their title in every Pay-Per-View
    7. When signing that you read these rules, confirm you read them please.
    8. Characters from any company are welcome.
    9. Shows will be made every two weeks, Pay-Per-Views are every 2 months.

    Now, place your character's name and confirm that you have read the rules. Titles, roster and other settings will be updated during the next few days. AMW will start on 1/20/14-1/27/14 for it's debut show. Make sure to sign up for I can book you all and get you into a division.​
  2. Dat Kid and yes
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  3. Jeez another one! JK, I read your rules yo
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  4. Adam Hawk, yeah I read em.
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  5. Everybody is welcome to make one introduction thread for their character to explain their character and the name and whatnot. That's the limit though for now, don't want everything to get out of control before the start date.
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  6. Same old trip, just branching out. I obviously need more singles practice. My record is horrible.
  7. That's fine, just making this fed to keep people busy and make some matches when people have free time. You're still welcome to make a thread or whatnot.
  8. guess i out! how come i can't make my own e-fed here?
  9. Yeah, Dawg....Sign me up as Bruce Knight, Same man, Same IWT Gimmick. I've read the rules.
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  10. I've read the rules and I'm signing up as my PWGP character Kevin Michaels.
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  11. Nick, I agree. Finally get to test out my model gimmick here lmao
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  12. You can.
  13. crayo told alway ago i could not. when iask himto take over FNW scakfist e-fed he said no since sack was doing acw now.
  14. Start one up and ask for a section.
  15. Marcus Anthony from IWT yes I agree
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  16. B.Dazzle is coming to AMW. I agree.
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  17. Gav may join at a later date
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  18. Just as a reminder, sign ups are always open and welcome.
  19. Jaxxus is coming
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