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  1. *The lights transition to a shade of blue, a spotlight hits the stage, and Mr.Smith's theme hits*

    *Mr.Smith walks into the spotlight with a mic in hand, he's wearing an all black 3-piece suit. The crowd is quiet as he makes his way to the ring*
    Mr.Smith: "We're nearing the end of the road to IWTMania and a lot sure has changed. A 180 pound sawed off midget is your new IWT Champion, your former IWT Champion has had a sort of drunken fallout which was to be expected, and the World Champion is a man prancing around here in ancient garbs claiming he's god himself. But amidst of all this crap we've had some good things going on like Alias and Sir Lee finally bringing prestige to the X-Division, and European Titles. Well for now anyways."

    "Mr.Smith pauses as the crowd starts to boo"
    Mr.Smith: "Now you may ask me why I'm wasting your time, well I wanted to add to the few good things going on around here. I want to add a fresh superstar to the mix. I believe that someone in the back has something that most of the roster doesn't have and that's potential. He's been sort of pushed out of the way for far too long now. Before I met him I thought he was legitimately crazy, but it turns out he's just determined. I think that this man can and will be the future of the company. He has been given a chance to prove himself at this final Uprising before Mania."

    *Mr.Smith looks towards the stage and waits*
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  2. OOC: Adam and Dolph's are the only ones i see coming out....
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    Nick emerges from the curtain, his typically disheveled appearance gone. The crowd boos and gives a few shocked reactions. Faint "YOU SOLD OUT" chants can be heard. Instead of wearing dirty clothing, he is wearing a full black suit and tie. His normally messy hair is perfectly slicked back as well. He nods his head as he goes down the ramp, up the steel steps and into the ring. He shakes Mr. smith's hand and is handed a microphone.

    "Not what you expected? Good. You see, I've been SICK and TIRED of being ignored, being unnoticed. Since DAY 1 I've shown up and not complained ONCE. While I watched these uncommitted guys who are only it for the money and fame like Dolph's and Incognito walk RIGHT OVER ME... The guy who scratches and claws for everything I get! Well, I guess I should take back my previous statement. Because I haven't gotten SHIT!"

    He pauses as the crowd gives a mixed reaction.

    "When I first came in, people saw me in the future. People saw me winning titles, people saw me at the top of the card! Well 5 months since those predictions, I'm in a worse position than I was during my debut. I'm as irrelevant as Aids Johnson, as misused as Alias Antonio and taken as seriously as Brian Mandela. Well, I'm here to make a change. All my wrongs will be righted, all my mistakes corrected."

    I am what an IWT main eventer looks like. I'm what an IWT main eventer talks like. Most importantly, I'm what an IWT main eventer WRESTLES like. I'm the prototype. Now, with the TRUE GM of IWT Mr. smith guiding me, IWT will be changed forever. And it all begins... today."

    He drops the mic and smirks as boos rain on the two. He raises Mr. Smith's hand, mocking the crowd.
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  4. Why has everyone been ripping on my character lately? Oh well nice promo Nick.
  6. Psh, hahahahaha. Yeah, just do the fake FTJ gimmick already.