AMW American Bash! Preview

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  2. Please let me now, whether post here, PM, Skype, etc. What days are good for you for matches. Remember, promos are for 2 days and voting for 1 day.
  3. Dat Kid vs. Forrest & Trip vs. Jwab. Looks like an IWT Mania 2 card except for the title matches are where they actually need to be. Jwab getting that Heavyweight title shot.
  4. When is it? If so, Thursdays are usually good for me. And this saturday. I don't know when ya plan on doing it though.
  5. any day but thursday
  6. It's on the bottom of the original post. February 27-March 6. Extended from it's original date since February is a short month. When Trip gives me a date, that's when I'll make your match. Now I'm waiting for Forrest to make the date for the US title match too, as well as the others.
  7. Nevermind, I didn't read it lol

    February 27th or March 1st.
  8. Any day but Thursday and Monday.
  9. Dat Kid vs Forrest will be on February 28. Original post has been updated.
  10. Ummmm, either day is fine for me, if its the title I would think the last day would be best, so Saturday. But I don't really know the traffic patterns on the site well. Would we get more viewers/voters on Thursday-Friday or Saturday-Sunday?
  11. I think Thursday -Friday might work better if you want more views
  12. What say ye @Jwab the Star-Lord ?
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  13. I look forward to it.

    I will be able to do it any day. :)
  14. World title match will be on the 27th. Now awaiting the others.
  15. Huh I thought Jwab was already champ this whole time lol
  16. I'm so confused, did i not get my match?