AMW first Main Event match preview

Discussion in 'AMW' started by Harley Quinn, Jan 31, 2014.

  1. AMW's first main event is now set, for the AMW United States championship! At the last minute, a stipulation will be added to the match, it might be a street fight, cage, special guest referee or anything! The four that will be in this match are:

    @Forrest vs @Dat Kid vs @TheArabHammer vs @Nickelodeon

    Now, all four contestants please post what day is acceptable for you all to do this match. It will be for sure, a 24 hour unlimited promos rule in the match.​
  2. Just let me know
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  3. Sometime next week. This is gonna be a busy weekend for me, I will be unavailable
  4. Which days for next week?
  5. Probably Monday-Thursday would be best, maybe even Friday
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  6. Any Day but Monday and Thursday.....
  7. Any day but thursday
  8. So Wednesday is fine by everybody?
  9. Damn, gonna be a good match. Can't wait to read.