AMW Kick off Match and show preview: Bill Clinton vs Brandon!

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Who do you think won?

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  1. Bill Clinton

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  2. Brandon

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    Pyros go off as Farooq is shown sitting on commentary. "Hello and welcome to the third annual show of American Made Wrestling! Right after American Bash! We saw our United States champion defend his belt, and a new world champion crowned! Tonight, we have two matches! Bill Clinton vs Brandon and Dat Kid vs a special opponent! After the matches, we're going to officially crown our world champion who beat Trip at American Bash! Now, to get the first match started!" Farooq says as the camera.

    @Bill Clinton vs @B.Dazzle

    This match is scheduled for one fall! There is a two promo limit, and once the first promo is set, the match will end either at max promos met, or 24 hours as passed! Once the match is over, there will be a 36 hour voting process to see who will become the winner!
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  4. Barack Obama walks out to a huge pop. He walks down to the ring.

    Citizens of the United States of America, the President has arrived in the most American wrestling fed ever. AMW. AMERICAN Made Wrestling, not that China made bullshit. Tonight, I face...uh...Brandon. Is that it? Yeah? Okay, BRANDON! are batshit insane. Too bad ObamaCare doesn't cover clinical insanity, but please sign up. You come out here, talking about pain and suffering. Uh...I have..uh...dealt with pain. I have...uhhhhhh..suffered very much in my life. Everything does happen for a reason, Brandon. I won the 2008 election because God wanted a black dude in office. I won again because no one wants a Mormon in office. You say you are the reaper of man. Incorrect, that would be George Dub Bush. You are just a crazy man in wrestling tights. Not very scary when you wear tights by the way. No wonder no one wanted you, you talk about death and God more than your grandmother., my friend, believe in God, good for you, but........uh....I don't think God would support what you are doing here. You are...uh...mak...uh...making your opponents suffer...for there.....uh...pas..uh...past sins. If you believe in God, you must believe that every human sins. So, allow me to be the first person, and black, to kick your ass for sinning. are right about one thing, my friend. God takes us all at our time.'s you careers time. I might hurt you, mainly because you need to sign up for Obamacare. I will not cry and beg for mercy. I will simply...uh....kick your candy ass...uh...all over.....uh....this arena. For the American people, for God, for you. You...uh....need to be taught a lesson. Barack Obama will gladly teach you that lesson. I will layeth the smackdown on yo candy ass!

    Barack Obama raises his eyebrow before he begins to speak again

    You are no better than....uh....the sinners that you say you will make fall at your feet. They are no better than you. Because all people sin, you are equal to them. I am. Stop walking around here like God sent you here to save us from these sinners. You are not, you are here to live life. Stop telling these peoples If you really want to serve God, don't lie.

    Know your role......and.....uh....shut your mouth.

  5. *As the lights in the arena go completely dark, a dark blue light is shined on the entrance stage. After a few seconds, Brandon walks out from the backstage area. He's dressed in all black and is wearing a skeleton mask. Brandon also has a Scythe in his hands. He slowly walks down the entrance ramp. He walks up the stairs and gets in the ring. Brandon sets his Scythe in the corner and removes his Skeleton mask. Brandon is handed a mic.*

    Brandon: If there is one type of man in this world guilty of sin, it's a politician. They are guilty of executing all seven deadly sins. Politicians are Envious, they are greedy, they desire greatness, they are to lazy to fix their own problems let alone a whole country, they are gluttonous, they are arrogantly proud of themselves, and when things don't go their way, they let out their rage on the innocent. Mr. Obama, you are guilty of all of that. Every single one of them. That is why you must suffer here tonight. Not just for me, not just for God, but for the lives and sake of the innocent who are being punished by your cruel hand. Deep down, behind that warm smile, is a man doing the dirty work of the Devil. For me to let you walk out of this ring as a winner would bring this World one step closer to Judgement day. Judgement day is going to happen, but it will happen on His terms, not yours. Barack Obama, with the power of the lord in my heart, I will rip your soul from your body and crush your heart with my own bare hands. Evil must be stopped and I am the man who has been chosen to stop it. God takes us all, but he does it on His own terms, well.......except for tonight. On this night, God takes you away, but not on His terms. On my terms!
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