AMW match: Brandon vs Adam!

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Who do you think wins?

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  1. Adam

  2. Brandon

  1. Brandon(@Simon Belmont) vs Adam Hawk(@Michael Scott)!

    This match is a singles match, promos are for 48 hours! There is a two promo limit, once time has expired or the two promos are done, voting will begin! Voting will be for 24 hours! No interference and only post in character posts if watching the match. Pictures and music are allowed, but videos are not!​

  2. Oooooh. Well isn't this nicely booked! 2 men feuding in IWT bring it over to AMW just with different characters tough. Looking forward to this one.
  3. OOC: About to write one up right now.
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    *The lights in the arena go dark. After a minute of the song plays, the titantron in the arena turns back on and flashes a light on the entrance stage, showing a large hole. When the song goes back to the chorus, Brandon rises from out of the hole on a platform. The fans pop due to the entrance. He's wearing dark boots, dark pants, and a black shirt that says "God takes us all". Brandon has long black hair that covers his eyes. Brandon raises his hand the arena lights up a little bit. Brandon walks down the ramp and gets in the ring. He asks for a mic and gets one.*

    Brandon: Tonight marks the end. It marks the end for every man and women in this company. God takes us all. Young, old, small, tall, big, skinny. It doesn't matter. When God thinks it's our time, that means it's our time. There is no escaping death. You can't beat death, Death beats you. Life is filled with pain and suffering, and that's something we all just need to learn. The only way to end our punishment, is by ending ourselves for the rest of eternity. Through my life, I have suffered the worst pains in the world. I suffered the pains of being alone with no body to comfort me. I stood alone with not one single breath of life near my ever existence. No body wanted anything to do with me. That is something that I learned to cope with, even though it took me years to do so. I learned what my goals in life are. Everything happens for a reason. The dark times I've gone through were destined to help me get to where I am right now. In all darkness, there is a light. This company is the lightness I have found in the dark. The thing is, I just turned that light right back off. I am not here to win or lose, i am here to do what I've been chosen by God to do. I am here to be the reaper of man. I am here to reap the souls of all those who deserve it. Whether it's the strong or the weak. The brave or the cowardly. The nice or the mean. One by one, they will all perish before my feet.

    *Brandon turns toward the entrance ramp and begins staring with a cold stare.*

    Brandon: When Adam Hawk walks down to this ring, he will be the first to know that what I say is true. With God in my heart, i will make Adam suffer for all of his past sins. I will make him quiver in fear before me. He will cry his heart out, but won't feel any mercy. He must feel what I've felt. His body must be bruised and scarred before his day of reckoning comes. The only way he can accept his ending, is by feeling true, insufferable pain. He must know that life is filled with sorrow and despair.

    *Brandon falls on his knees and leans on the middle rope.*

    He is watching you Adam, but most importantly, He is waiting for you.

    *Brandon shows no emotion as he waits for Adam.*
  5. OOC: Not sure when my promo will be up, most likely tomorrow. got a massive headache.
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  6. *Hawk bursts through the curtains, he high fives fans on his way to the ring, he climbs into the ring and scares off Brandon who rolls out of the ring, he grabs*

    Really? You really think coming out here and complaining about the pain in your life will get any fear out of me? Brandon you fail to realise that I have stepped into the ring with monsters and not been intimidated, I have faced and beaten every man who has walked through those curtains except you. Brandon you're the new comer around here, you are not known and thats fine, I understand the feeling you are going through, I used to be that new guy too, trust me I know what that feels like to be the new guy but come on man? You really think challenging me is the best way to go about this? I was in one if the main events of Night Of Champions facing David for the X Division Title, I won the tag titles when I carried Jacob Lazy Ass after he begged me to team with him, I then left him in a heap of blood at Summerslam, I have thrown people off ladders at Money In The Bank, I destroyed Jacob at Extreme Rules in his "speciality" match when I climbed a ladder and took my shot at the X Title and sat on top and watched as Jacob stopped moving in the rubble of a broken table and a stretcher took him away and he was not seen for months, THAT IS THE MAN YOU WANT TO CHALLENGE? That is the man you want to try and send threats to? Then hell be it. You brought it on yourself.

    (Not going to make a real long one, ran out of ideas so you wanna just do a few back and forth smaller promos? @Joey Bryant is GOAT
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  7. @Big Boss

    I guess you can open voting.

    Doesn't seem like we're doing anything else and it's been more than 48 hours.
  8. Vote people! PLEASE!
  9. @Troll-King well deserved win my friend. Congratz.
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  10. Thanks. Just wish we have more voters.
  11. Yeah that sucked.
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