AMW Match: Bruce Knight vs Adam Hawk

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Who do you think won?

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  1. Adam Hawk

  2. Bruce Knight

  1. @Adam. vs @Forrest!

    The winner of this match will be the last addition to the AMW United States championship main event!

    This is a two promo match, once two promos who 48 hours have passed, the match will end and 24 hour voting will begin!

    No video promos are allowed during this match.​

  2. Forrest go first.

  3. Knight comes out with a hoodie, the hood covering the upper part of his face and his arms spread out wide as he faces the entrance way from the stage. He turns around, Dropping his arms, and he walks down to the ring, high fiving any fans he comes across. He gets into the ring and takes his hoodie off, handing it over to someone outside in trade for a microphone.

    Knight: Adam Hawk, 'The Man with Unlimited Gimmicks', also known as my opponent tonight, I wish to welcome you too AMW. Even though this is my first match here, I have no fears over tonight because everyone's expectations of me are quite low. To make it simple, they expect me to lose against anyone I face....and that's where my determination comes in. I don't care about what the critics say, I don't care about my winning odds and I don't care about the names I get called...All I care about is Progression, something that all the stars have done as many have progressed to become a Champion...while many more have falling, I will make sure I will Progress to the next level but the cost of your Progression.

    Knight waits on Adam Hawk by Leaning on the ropes that are the furthest away from the Stage.

  4. *Hawk bursts through the curtain, he walks down the ramp high fiving fans, he climbs into the ring and pretend he is going to attack Forrest who rolls out of the ring, Hawk climbs to the second rope to cheers, he jumps down and grabs a mic*

    Forrest you steaming pile of crap get your ass out of my ring

    *cheers from the crowd*

    I would like to welcome you to AMW because not only is this your first match but after tonight it will be your last because when im done with you you will be ashamed to show your face in this company again, I am getting a fresh start here, all te lies and slander are gone and I am back and ready to go in this wonderful city for this wonderful promotion. I want to prove myself out of fairness to everyone so I am not going to be Gohan and demand title shot after title shot I earn my way about here. Your insults mean nothing because when its all said and done I will stand on top.​
  5. Knight looks around the ring then looks at Hawk

    Knight: You know, When you tell one of the Fans, This Forrest guy, to get out of Your Ring, do you really think he'll listen to someone who's at the bottom of the food chain? I mean You claim this to be your ring when, quite obviously, it's the ring of the AMW owner.

    Knight laughs.

    Knight: All Joking aside...I've lost to worse Hawk and you think I left a company because of one loss? No, I didn't, Unlike you, I stayed loyal, I fought until it was my time to shine and I never let anyone's comments get into my head....but Hawk, It doesn't matter about clean slates only matters about survival.....It's a game of Survival of the Fittest. Even if I lose, I'll be even more determined....My Loses are the only thing making me tick, the only thing making me want to best myself.....The only thing making me want to be the best. I don't lack Ambition.....I don't Lack Motivation....I have all that up here.

    Knight Taps to his head, pointing to his Brain.

    Knight: You want to stand at the top of this company and so do I.....but only one of us may make it.....Let the best man....Survive.

    Knight walks over to one of the turnbuckles and leans on it, looking at Hawk.
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  10. The match ends at 8:14 A.M, tomorrow morning.
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