AMW Match: Marcus Anthony versus Stephen Cavezza

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    @TheArabHammer @Shadow

    The winner of this match will proceed to fight in the main event for the AMW United States championship!​

    Pictures, music and titantrons are allowed!​

    Videos are not allowed.​

    The promo limit is 2, once the contenders have posted their promos the voting will be up and everyone will have 24 hours to cast a vote, and confirm it by posting who they voted for in this thread. During the match, no OOC posts are allowed.​

    @TheArabHammer will start off the match followed by @Shadow

    Good luck to you both!​
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    *The Order of Night's theme blares through the arena and The crowd starts to boo as it plays. 20 seconds in Marcus Anthony comes out of the entrance with his signature cut off hoody with the hood over his head. He makes his way to the ring with his head down until he gets to the ring steps and at that point he looks up and takes the hood off and jumps into the ring and pounds his fist on the mat three times and on the third pound blinding white pyro is set off on each post of the ring. He stands up and let's out a primal scream and grabs a mic*
    Marcus: AMW..The Order has arrived. My name is Marcus Anthony. I am just one of a pack of vicious, sadistic, and twisted competitors that strike fear into the hearts of our enemies. Now I used to be just like my opponent not long ago. Misguided, arrogant, and naive. I was blinded by my own misconception of what I was capable of doing. Before I joined over at IWT I was known as "a once in a lifetime talent". The only trouble with that was my anger. Growing up going from home to home, school to school, not knowing what stability was like had upset me. That lit a fire under me to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to get the life my family and I deserved. I used that as motivation to get to a point where people would speak of me as someone they looked up to. Unfortunately my fire continued to grow and grow until it became an inferno burning down EVERYTHING in my path. The people stopped praising me and started So I went away not wanting to be feared I just wanted stability and I found it. Found it at the end of every bottle of alcohol I could get my hands on. Night after night day after day I drank until I made the mistake I never should have. I put out my fire. I was sedating my true nature for fear I might hurt someone once again. That is until Britanica resurrected me. She brought me back to what I was DESTINED to be....A menace. A menace to those who defy their true nature. A menace to those who stand before me wanting to stop me from reaching my goals. The one known as Stephen Cavezza is being sent to me tonight not just for a title match. He is sent to me because he needs.....*Marcus looks around the arena* to be saved. Cavezza, give in to The Order and WE will open your eyes for the first time.
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  4. OOC: It's fine, take the time you both need. I'll give you both another 24 hours to complete the two promo battle since there are no more matches until the 26th.
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    *The lights dim, three men in suits walk out onto the stage, and a smooth symphony starts playing*

    *Stephen Cavezza walks out behind the suited men, he's wearing a pushed up long sleeve white shirt, a black vest and tie combo, black pants, and white tape around his fists. The four men make thier way down the ring as the crowd stays silent, Stephen enters the ring.*
    *One of his three men walk to the ringside, requests a mic, and delivers it to Stephen.*

    Stephen: Well, hello there Marcus. I heard you talking about your enemies, and that you used like to strike fear into them. It feels good to strike fear into someone doesn't it? To have that sensation that you are the one in control, it feels good. I can relate with that, I love to know that I am the superior in any situation that I'm put in. To see someone cowering at your feet knowing that you control their fate. When you put two men like that in a place together only one man is bound to come out covered in the blood of their opponent. The only question is which one of us would that be? Now, you may have the survival instincts of a wolf, but I am a cold, calculating, and careful human being. Being careless was an old habit of mine growing up, I did a lot of things that hurt a lot of people who where close to me. That came back to haunt me growing older, I learned to not be so careless and I haven't made a mistake since. As much as we're alike your carelessness sets you apart. We have the same intentions, but you set out to hurt people at all costs, I only hurt people when they need to be put down. It's about time for you to be put down like the wounded animal you were destined to become.

    *Stephen pauses to gather his thoughts*
    Stephen: Not only does your carelessness wound you, but so does the fact that you have to rely two other people. Those two people hold you back immensely, you shouldn't have to rely on them. They should have to rely on you, to be a man in total control you must make them need you. It isn't supposed to be the other way around. The people who are involved in my life depend on myself, just like it is meant to be. I am not going to give in to you and your partners, no it should be the other way around. Give in to me and I can make you the person you desire, a person in who is in control, somewhat anyways. If you were to be with me you would be able to strike fear into much, much more people.
  6. *Marcus has a smile sprawl across his face and gets right in Cavezzas face*
    Marcus:I'm glad you recognize that I can strike fear into others. It's men like you who HAVE to have others around to make you feel safe. Me? I choose to be surrounded with other like me. The most dangerous type of animal you can deal with is one that feels cornered because they feel the need to survive. Survival is the one instinct WE ALL SHARE. I do anything and everything to make that happen. The Order of Night are not your common street thugs like those accompanying you. WE ARE THE MOST DANGEROUS AND UNPREDICTABLE PREDATORS TO HAVE EVER EXISTED. *crowd heavily boos and starts to chant "cage them up!" *
    Marcus: YOU DAMN RIGHT CAGE US UP! BECAUSE THATS THE CLOSEST THING YOU CAN DO TO STOP A PREDATOR FROM DOING WHATS NATURAL......destroying those who oppose it. Cavezza you come out here in your cheap suit with four lackeys following you because they can't have a thought for themselves. You say those men rely on you but really when it comes down it, you're a scared little boy looking to hold someone's hand to protect you from the darkness. It's laughable that you think I should give in to you. I see you shaking with fear Stephen because....darkness....has come. I couldn't dream of having someone like you in The Order, that kind of weakness is something we don't accept. Do yourself a favor and keep what dignity you have left and get back to knocking over liquor stores and bullying people in your neighborhood because in the AMW......WE do the bullying and there's not a damn thing you and those goombas behind you can do about it.
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  10. Arab advances. Next match will be Adam vs Forrest starting tomorrow!