AMW Match! Super Mario vs Jesse Pinkman

Discussion in 'AMW' started by Harley Quinn, Apr 26, 2014.

  1. Jigglybutt and Clefappable are shown in the middle of the ring to announce the match.

    "This match is for one fall! Super Mario vs Pinkman! Unlimited promos for 24 hours! LETS START NOWW!!!!!"

  2. *Jesse Pinkman rolls down the ramp wearing his winter cap, baggy jeans, and sweatshirt. He takes the mic and hesitantly say these words.*

    Waddup, Bitch?!
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  3. Mario comes in with Luigi, both putting out joints as Mario looks out onto the ring. He soon jumps from the ramp to the ring and yells, "ITS A ME! MARIO! IMMA HERE TO FUCK THIS METH FUCKA UP!" He says as the crowd explodes. Then the janitor cleans up the dead bodies and more fans come in to replace the fans who died.