AMW Match Voting: Dat Kid versus Trip in the Head

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Who do you think should win?

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  1. Dat Kid

  2. Trip in the Head

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    @Dat Kid versus @Trip in the Head

    The winner of this match will proceed to fight in the main event for the AMW United States championship!

    Pictures, music and titantrons are allowed!

    Videos are not allowed.

    The promo limit is 2, once the contenders have posted their promos the voting will be up and everyone will have 24 hours to cast a vote, and confirm it by posting who they voted for in this thread. During the match, no OOC posts are allowed.

    @Dat Kid will start off the match followed by @Trip in the Head

    Good luck to you both!

    Rules of voting: Anybody can vote, but for the vote to count you must post who you voted for in this thread.​
  2. OOC: I'm here btw, saw this when you first posted it
  3. A hummer stretch limo enters the arena with some random black guy dancing in the sun roof throwing money around. The door opens and a group of four exit the limo, all dressed up in black. Dat Kid exits the limo with his cane, dressed up in black jean shorts. knee high socks, and a wifebeater. Kid walks down the ramp with his crew behind him. A fan touches Kid on the shoulder and a member of his crew hops the barricade punches him the face. Kid ignores it and keeps moving to the ring as he walks up the steps and into the ring.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Dat Kid Made Wrestling, Dat KM-Dub. Now, I'm gonna get at my bitch ass opponent in a minute, whoever the fuck they decide to bring out here. I wanted to talk to all my fans out here tonight. I appreciate you guys showing love, but ya all need to go up there in the lobby and go buy my t-shirt.

    The crowd thinks he's joking and laughs

    I'm not playin', niggas gotta eat, so go up there and by my t-shirt right now. You don't need to see Crackerhead entrance, so get the fuck up out them seats and go my merchandise. We got some fake ass jewelry for your ugly ass kids, we got my DVD where it's just me at a the strip club coin what I do, my nigga Chinz just dropped a new album up there called "white niggas ain't shit". If you don't like any of that stuff we got some kids out in the parking lot selling chips, 2 bags for $5.

    The crowd isn't moving

    Well fuck ya then, which ya cheap ass family discount tickets. After I beat this fuck nigga, I'ma come out this ring and beat all ya asses. You think I'm think I'm out here playing. I don't sell shit, I'm in the business of breaking my foot up niggas asses, like this muhfucka that's about to come out now.
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  4. *While DK is rambling to the crowd surrounded by his posse the arena is enveloped in darkness. The sound of the posse's grunts and other sounds of pain can be heard in the dark. When the cries stop the music plays as the lights come up revealing IWT's own Trip in the Head perched on one of the corners, his Order of the Night gear on, and the crowd erupting with a mixed reaction of boos and cheers*

    *Trip steps down of the turnbuckle after about 20 seconds and the music fades out*
    TRIP: Ha hahaha, *pointing at Dat Kid's posse on the mat* if those were hired guns I'd say you got ripped off DK. Unless you got them reaaaaal cheap, haha haha hahahahaha. *Trip approaches DK, sniffing at him* You smell like box wine and unwashed bitch parts. Strip club eh? You mean the one in THIS dvd? *Trip throws the dvd at DK, hitting him in the face with it* The one with the bitches missing legs and fucking tampon strings hanging out? I could smell you were dirty playa, but this just brings it to a whole new level, hahahahahaha. *Trip turns quickly and grabs DK by the throat with one hand, his voice growing deep and aggressive* Do you think the Order gives a DAMN about your t-shirts and your dvds? We are here to envelop the wrestling world as you know it with our darkness. What you all have witnessed so far is just a taste of whats to come. *Trip releases DK and he stumbles back catching his breath* But if you wish to challenge the onslaught of the Night, then by all means, give it your best shot. I just hope you're not afraid of us crackers when its dark, hehehehehe ho ha ha haaaaaaaa! *Trip leans back in the corner, trying to control his laughter*
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  5. Dat Kid gets pissed off and throws one of his unconscious guys out of the ring.

    Maaan shut the fuck up! Comin' out here talking about darkness and shit. What you need to do is stop playing that dungeons and dragons, move out ya mom's house, and brush yo damn teeth. Comin' out here smelling like Petco in 100 degree weather.

    And son, don't you ever disrespect me by putting your hands on me again son! You hearing me?! You think you so some sort of badass cause you can attack people when you cut out the lights! I think you got the message wrong bran brah, these niggas ain't out here for me, they was out here to protect you. You can laugh in the corner all you want, just like ya dirty hoe mother, but it's gonna be hard to laugh when you gargling on your teeth when I kick em down your throat.

    Trip continues to laugh. Dat Kid goes up to Trip and backhands him in the face.

    What now nigga?! What you gonna do now?!
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  6. *The backhand made Trips head face to the side when it got hit. Trip's hand comes up to his jaw as he slowly looks back at Dat Kid with an intense look in his eyes. But then, he smiles and starts to laugh more*
    TRIP: Hahahahaha, what was that!? Are you trying to anger me to get me to lose my focus? Your second rate street fighting tactics don't mean dick in my world boy. *Trip walks around the ring looking at Dat Kid's fallen posse* They were supposed to protect me!? They couldn't have protected anyone's ass from a light breeze, let alone a beating of the caliber that is normally dished out in this ring. What a waste of space. *Trip kicks one of the downed posse and laughs again. He looks up at Dat kid* You ARE afraid of the dark then. I'm sure you don't like me talking about it so much because it reminds you of growing up in that slum when your mother couldn't keep the electric bill payed, doesn't it? Do I remind of the boogey man in your closet as a child? Or maybe one of mommy's many boyfriends she'd bring home. They used to hit you didn't they? *Trip asks as he smiles maniacally and Dat Kid hangs his head in shame while balling his fists in anger* Didn't think I knew that, did you? Thats just it you see, the Order of Night knows whats in your worst dreams and nightmares. We take refuge in that area of the mind where fools like you keep your petty little secrets. I know what you are Dat Kid, you are nothing but a street rat trying to escape your past. Trying so desperately to be that diamond in the rough and you might even feel as though you have put it all behind you. But I am here tonight to let you know your past has caught up with you fool, hahaha. I will beat you within in inch of your life here tonight, not unlike some of mommies old boyfriends. And when you are down to your last breath, my Dark of Night will be your only comfort. *Trip slowly approaches Dat Kid and says to his face* Give in to the Order and I will make it that much easier for you. *Trip drops the mic at his feet while the competitors stand face to face in the ring and the bell rings*
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  7. Voting opened! Remember, for voting to count you must confirm it by voting on the poll then post who you voted for in this thread! Good luck to both performers!
  8. This line won it for me lol. Good match though Trip
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  9. Yeah I didn't have a comeback for that. My singles record sucks, so I didn't go into this one with high expectations
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  10. This match was great on both ends. I'll vote trip
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  11. Voted Dat Kid, I found his promos more funny (yes, I actually take that into consideration, plus that theme doe. POP A MOLLY, I'M SWEATING! Good match to the both of you
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  12. Sadly we're small time, so it doesn't bother me to much I suppose, hope more will participate in this Efed in the future.
  13. Well we put on a good opening match. I'm keeping track. Now my character has been in the first matches of each of the new efeds here. Cool stuff. Hasn't helped my singles record any (as it appears I will lose this one too), but oh well.
  14. To be fair, Dat Kid is a tough opponent. He was a world champion before, so there's no shame in losing.
  15. Yeah, imagine that, in both those first matches I spoke of I pulled D'Z and Dat Kid. Jeez SMH
  16. Still just for the midcard strap, the world title will have another tournament for number one contender next week.
  17. Haha, yay more losses JK
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