AMW Number 1 contender match for AMW World title

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Who do you think should win?

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  1. Brandon

  2. Suicide

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  3. Edward

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  4. Trip

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    Suicide(@Vamp) vs Trip(@Trip in the Head) vs Brandon(@FTJ SUCK!) vs Edward Coleman(@Italianman3100

    This match is scheduled for one fall, is the number one contender for the AMW World Heavyweight Championship! This is a 48 match with unlimited promos. Once the promos are over, there will be a 24 hour vote. Music and photos are allowed, but videos are not.​

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    *Smoke starts forming on the stage as the lights transition to a dark shade of purple, Suicide's titantron starts to play and his theme reverberates throughout the arena*

    *Suicide emerges from the entrance and walks through the smoke, he's wearing a tattered jacket over his regular ring gear. He makes his way ringside, demands a mic, and begins pacing back and forth yelling*
    Suicide: "Cut the music, cut the music off!"

    ~His theme halts~
    *Suicide quickly rolls into the ring, sits criss cross in its center,and lowers his tone as he starts to speak*

    Suicide: "So, this is it? This is AMW? It's a shame this isn't actually ECW, but it'll have to suffice. ~Suicide pauses for a moment to look at his surroundings~ Now I didn't come here to compete for a title like most of the "superstars" in the back, I didn't even come here to really win any matches, I came here for one thing...and that's to inflict as much pain on my opponents as possible. ~Suicide smirks slightly and starts to scratch his neck~"​

    ~The crowd isn't quite sure how to respond to Suicide's last line~

    Suicide: "From what I understand two of my opponents like to play in the dark, they like to joke about death and they pretend to be some sort of bringers of fate. Death is no joke, you can die in a heart beat. And after tonight one of you could very well wind up dead. You see, I...I get off on pain, I like to see the person I'm facing writhe in agony as I'm bashing their head in. Believe me when I tell you this, I never lie. Believe me when I tell you I would just as soon slice open every one of you idiots here tonight, as I’m going to my opponents. ~The crowd starts booing loudly, so much so that you can barely hear Suicide speak~ But I won't as this company doesn't condone killing like some other companies do. However...however, I will break every bone in thier bodies, until they're nothing but a worthless sack laying on this mat. Then I’m gonna go on to do the same thing to whoever I face for that belt, after I win it I'll wrap it up in a bow or a box and I’m gonna deliver it to the GM's house. With a little thank you card, it’s gonna say; ‘Thanks for this, but I don't need your toy to prove my dominance.' ...Guys, you may only barely survive this night. You’ll have me to thank for that. After this little dance tonight, I’m going to be standing at the top of the mountain, alone, FOR A -LONG- TIME!"

    *Suicide makes his way to a corner and laughs a little while he waits for the next competitor*
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  5. *The lights in the Arena cut out and twinkling lights resembling stars line the ceiling. Members of the crowd familiar the Order of Night's gimmick pull out their cell phones and raise them high to mimic the effect at the their level. Smoke rises from the stage as the Order of Night's theme hits*

    *Trip walks out into the smoke with Fenris the Wolf at his side. He is wearing black and blue tights with the phrase "Give in to the Order" across them. He kneels down next to Fenris when they reach ringside and holds out his hand flat. Fenris sniffs it a couple of times and howls loudly, some of the crowd joining in. Trip gets a mic and gets in the ring, making his way to the center and screaming with rage, his hands raised*
    TRIP: Raaaaaaaaaaah! Once again I get the chance to prove why I deserve a shot at the top spot of this company. So far we've seen this one stale son of a bitch *as Trip motions toward Suicide* come out and talk about breaking every bone in our bodies, but not killing us. You know how ridiculous that sounds don't you? Look at me *Trip pauses and motions to himself and then howls* Believe me, I know a thing or two about bones. And you couldn't break any of mine on your best day. You want pain......suffering.....or torture even? Then you've come to the right place tonight chump, only you won't be the one dishing it out. You're going to be on the receiving end of that stick for once, just like these other fools in this match who think they can come out here and defeat me. Better to just no show fellas. The Order is on a roll as of late and I'm not about to let it stop now. Bring whoever you want down here GM (@Big Boss ), there is no star bright enough in the AMW or any other wrestling organization to illuminate the darkness brought upon by the Order of Night, nhe he he he Hahahahahahaha! *Trip leans out over the ropes towards the crowd and says* GIVE IN TO THE ORDER! *as some of the crowd says it at the same time. He drops the mic and lets his tongue hang out as he hangs his arms over the ropes playfully, awaiting his other opponents*
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  6. The music hits as the fans cheer. Edward coleman walks out and stops at the stage and fireworks go off spelling his name. He makes his way to the ring.

    Coleman: "I knew this would first match in this company is a #1 contender's match for the AMW World Title. I told everyone this that I would become big quickly in this company. Now all I have to do is defeat you three morons and then win that title. I don't why I just didn't get the title shot because I'm just going to take three guys off this roster after I beat them senseless. This is going to be easy.

    Suicide, you say one of us could be dead after this match when we all know that won't happen. If anything will die, it's all your guys' careers after this match. You say you like when people are in pain, but I rarely feel pain. I take every hit and fight back with more power. I will outsmart everyone of you and that will help me win this match. I might be smaller than most of these guys here, but that doesn't mean I'm the weakest guy here. I will defeat you easily and will win this match. I'm one of the greatest guys to step in this ring.

    Trip, You say you'll be breaking bones here tonight which makes me laugh. I'm way faster than you so if you even try to break any of my bones, you won't even reach me. I don't need to break bones to win a match. I can use my mind to beat you and will. You act like a big, tough monster, so that indicates that you must be an idiot. That gives me an advantage in this match. Power is not the only thing that helps you win. So you should already just give up you moron.

    As for this Brandon guy, just don't even show up. You already sound like a guy who will suffer if he sees the Edward Coleman Era. I'm amazing, smart, fast, and athletic which will help me during this match. You can't be as good as me so we all know you won't win this match and I will!"

    Edward Coleman looks at the crowd screaming "Edward Coleman Era" as the fans scream the same thing cheering loudly for Coleman.
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  7. *The lights in the arena go dark.Smoke fills the air and screams are heard in the back ground. Finally the lights are dimmed up just a bit to give the fans a clearer view. A group of people also dressed in black march out from the locker room area and make two separate lines across the entrance ramp. The two guys across pull out a giant piece of paper and hold it together. The paper says "Suicide". The guys in the middle also pull out a giant paper and hold it out, showing the name "Trip". Finally the two guys at the end hold up a giant piece of paper that says "Edward Coleman".*

    *Brandon walks out wearing a dark grey cloak with a hood over his head. He keeps his head down and has one arm behind his back. Brandon pulls his arm from behind his back and reveals a giant Scythe. He lifts his head up and shows that he is wearing a Grimm reaper mask. Brandon begins walking down the ramp and comes across the paper that says "Suicide". He raises his Scythe and cuts through the paper. He walks down the ramp even more until he gets to the paper that says "Trip". He raises his Scythe and slashes through that one. He makes his way to the final paper that says "Edward Coleman" and makes his final slash. Brandon walks up the steel steps and stands on the ring apron. He gives his Scythe to one of the men and gets in the ring. The lights go back on and the song stops. Brandon pulls his hood off and removes his Grimm Reaper mask, revealing his face. One of the guys who held up a piece of paper gives Brandon a microphone.*

    Brandon: Right now, you three are making the hike up the top of the mountain here in AMW. You're climbing and climbing and climbing until your little hearts can't climb no more, but for what cause? For Glory? For Fame? For Money? All of that doesn't help you at all. It just proves yourselves as selfish and greedy men. Greed is one of the seven deadly sins, boys, and you guys are breaking God's laws. When you break the law, you feel punishment. Your punishment is far worse than anything the police of this world can do. The punishment you three men must feel is execution. Painful, slow, execution. You have not heaved the warnings he has given you, so you need not to live anymore. That is what I am here to do.

    *Brandon looks to Suicide.*

    Brandon: For the circumstances of tonight, it warms my heart that your name is Suicide. The cowards way out. When you walked down that ramp today, you walked down the path of hell. When you entered this ring, you walked past Hell's gates. Now, standing in this ring, you are finally in Hell. Your name is Suicide, and tonight you are destined for career Suicide by the wrath of The Lord. He plays no games. Broken bones can be healed, Death is forever!

    *Brandon looks over to Trip.*

    Brandon: Your Order is nothing but a joke. The only Order is the order of God that I am here to deliver. You torture. You kill. You act like blood seeking animal. Your past sins will haunt you, you can count on that. There is no escaping His hand. No matter how many times you try. You believe that the darkness is your friend? Darkness is neither friend nor enemy. It is life. It is what swallows sinners like you. Right now, with every step you take, the darkness moves closer to engulfing your soul for all eternity.

    *Brandon turns his attention to Coleman.*

    Brandon: Another man who sins. You're pride is impressive, yet so foolish. You walk these halls as if there is nobody on your level, which is completely ridiculous. Every man was made to be equal. Those who don't believe this are going to be summoned to the court of Heaven. It is there that you will be questioned by the jury, founded guilty by the Judge, and put to eternal rest by the Executioner. There is no Coleman Era. We don't live through eras, we just change during time. These fans cheer for you out of pity. There is no respect for mortals who see themselves as better. Your foolish ways will cost you more than just a World Championship match!

    *Brandon puts his hood back on and puts the Reaper mask over his face. He gets his Scythe back and holds it up.*

    Brandon: With this Scythe, all your dreams and aspirations will be torn with one slash. God takes us all. There is no way around that.

    *Brandon slams the end of the Scythe on the mat and smoke appears around the ring.*
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  8. *Suicide seems agitated, he gets up quickly, runs up to Brandon's face and starts to yell*
    Suicide: "Who the hell do you think you are trying to come down here to do god's will? Let me tell you something...boy. God isn't real, he's just a figment of your imagination! God was made up to give fools like you some hope in this cruel, dark world. There is no hope for you or anybody else, there is no saving us. Every single one of us has an expiration date, we're all gonna die. Some of us are gonna pass away more painfully than others. Come on, you call THIS hell?! No, no, no, no...If there was a hell then I lived in it my whole life, trust me. Being right here knowing that I get to inflict as much pain as possible on you, now that...THAT is like heaven to me."

    *Suicide fiercely bumps shoulders with Brandon as he strolls on towards Edward*
    Suicide: "You...YOU are more annoying than that god worshiper. You walk out here with your dumb pyro and you talk yourself up like you're a king, someone reaaaaalllly needs to knock you down a peg. No matter how big someone claims to be all it takes is a wild man to bring them down. ~Suicide pauses and smiles somewhat sadistically~ You claim that you rarely feel pain...that's because you've probably never felt real pain before. Have you ever been beat within an inch of your life and left for dead in a puddle of your very own blood? I have and I never felt so alive. But..BUT, it feels even better when you're the one causing it. Trust me Edward, after tonight you will won't be talking about leading an era. After tonight you'll know what it's like to really feel pain!"

    *Suicide slowly makes his way to Trip and speaks in a smooth tone*
    Suicide: "Trip, you claim to be apart of some sort of Order that you want me to give in to. Well, I've never really been the type of person to give in to anything. Especially something that involves Order. You see, Order is completely absurd. I'm more of an anarchist. With anarchy you have more freedom, you're not bound down to anything. You're free to do whatever you want, just how I like it. I like to know that I'm able to cause suffering without any repercussions. If I gave into the Order I'd probably still be able to cause some chaos, but I'd still be bound to you and the others and that is just something I cannot do. How's about you give into something, HOW'S ABOUT you give into the fact that the only way you're leaving this ring is in ambulance!?"

    *Suicide goes to nose to nose with Trip and smirks*
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  9. Coleman looks at Suicide

    Coleman" You really think I haven't felt real pain before. You have no idea how much real pain I've felt in my life. I've been beaten down because these people think I'm weak and small and that they can walk all over me when they can't! I will eventually beat them down while the beg me to stop. Even if they do, I won't stop until I end their careers. I know that I'm better than any one of you guys. I will show that I'm better!"

    Coleman then looks at Brandon

    Coleman: "I tell the truth when I say nobody is on my level. There will be a Coleman Era. Everyone will bow down to me and call me theri master. They will be my followers and I will lead them. They will not reach my level of greatness. I will be the best!...I'm not a fool Brandon, I will win this match and will become the new AMW World Champion.....These fans cheer me because they respect me. The ones that do want to enter the Coleman Era. They want me to be the leader. And that is exactly what I will be Brandon!"
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  10. *Trip quickly headbutts Suicide in the nose. As he falls backward Trip steps over him and approaches Coleman*
    TRIP: You must need your ears checked boy. I never said anything about breaking bones, I said I knew about bones. *Trip points at suicide on the mat holding his nose from the headbutt* That inconsequential lump there is the one who plans on trying to break bones. *Trip grabs Colemn by the ear like a mother would* PAY ATTENTION! *Trip lets go* HAAAAAhahahahaha! And here you thought I was the dumb one. Take a long hard look at yourself Coleman. You stepped into this ring tonight to get your ass handed to you on a platter by the master chef of pain, ME! Now who's the dumb one eh?

    *Trip shoves Coleman aside as he holds the ear Trip had grabbed earlier and makes his way to Brandon who is standing in the corner with his scythe and mask on*
    TRIP: TRICK OR TREAT! Bwaaaahahahahahaha! Did you miss Halloween too much as kid Brandon? Ohhhhh *Trip puts his hands up like this - :badass:* you managed to cut through some paper with all our names on it. With a really big knife even. *Trips claps* Thats very impressive - if you're in kidnergarten! HAhahahaha! I'm surprised you could even lift that scythe let alone swing it hard enough to cut through some paper. So congrats on finally acheiving that goal. *Trip rolls his eyes* And then you try to tell ME about the darkness? I AM THE DARKNESS fool. I am the life you speak of and I will choke yours from your ignorant body. God? Sins? Please, childrens stories to keep them in line. Obviously you took them just a ittle bit to seriously. By the way, you gonna take all that stuff off and put it back on everytime you speak? Why don't you just save yourself some time and SHUT. THE HELL. UP!

    *Trip kicks the bottom of the scythe out as Brandon is using to help support his weight. Brandon stumbles slightly and Trip just grins at him as he makes his way back to Suicide on the other side of the ring. He has gotten back to his feet, but his eyes had obviously been watering from the headbutt to the nose*
    TRIP: Ohhhh don't cry little Suicide. I didn't forget about you. *Trip gets right in Suicides face like they were from the start* Looks like we are right back where we started chump. You gonna make a move this time? *Sudicide gets visibly angry and tries to swing at Trip, but he blocks it easily and kicks Suicide in the gut* Thats all you got? Give me a break. Now I feel the need to explain some english to you, you sorry son of a bitch. THE Order is a group. You give in to the Order because you give up, you lose, or you die. The type of Order you spoke of has no place in our ranks. We do what we want, when we want. As if that hasn't been made evident enough already. You want to inflict pain? Go ahead, but as your name indicates you might want to start on yourself first. Remember, across the wrist for attention and up the wrist for results. *Trip grabs one of Suicides wrists and quickly looks* Across the wrist, just as I thought. Nothing but an attention seeker. Well, now you've got my attention fool. That was your first mistake. Your second? Not calling that ambulance ahead of time for yourself!

    *Trip shoves Suicide into the other 2 competitiors and laughs his head off as he drops the mic*
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  11. Shit goin down fuckers.
  12. *Brandon shoves Suicide back and seperates himself away from them.*

    Brandon: You three sinners should be killed at the stake. You've lived longer than you should have. You bring no worth to this world, and quite frankly all of your births were mistakes. God sits on his thrown in sheer disappointment of the men you've become. The Grimm Reaper works for God now. The Grimm Reaper is ME! YOUR SOULS SHALL BE MINE! I am going to cleanse this world of filth such as yourselves. Then I will bury your bodies in the name of God! You three boys have walked into hell, but this, this is my Heaven!

    *The lights go off. They turn back on and all of the men who came down to the ring with Brandon have entered the ring and are surrounding each competitor with Scythes.*

  13. @Big Boss you want to go ahead and let the voting commence?
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  14. @Big Boss

    Hey yo chico. Get that voting open, mang.
  15. Voting is open vanilla midgets :tough:
  16. Holy shit! Woo hoo
  17. Farooq comes out as Trip's music is playing. He enters the ring and has a microphone in his hand. "Ladies and gentlemen, the first number one contender for the AMW Championship, Trips!" He says as people boo, Farooq looking a bit uncomfortable being next to Trips anyhow.
  18. *Trip raises his hands to his mouth and howls again as the crowd boos. He rips the mic from the GM's hands*
    TRIP: Now there is no denying the power of the Order of Night! I may have been denied in the 1st ever tournament for the AMW championship, but just like the night I returned, darker than ever and overtaking all I encounter! *crowd boos and Trip turns to the GM and stares for a moment* EVEN YOU! *Trip kicks @Big Boss in the gut causing him to bend over. Trip then elbows him in the middle of his back causing him to go down to his knees. Trip grabs the GM by the back of his neck and the top of his pants and slides him out of the ring under the bottom rope. The GM hits the floor with a thud and rolls over, holding his back in pain. Trip raises his hands in victory once more and walks across the ring. He makes his way to the ropes once more and leans over them out towards the crowd as he chants once again with a portion of the crowd* GIVE IN TO THE ORDER!

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    That good boss?
  19. Farooq gets up, and undoes his tie. He trys to get into the ring, but security stops him. "Goddamit, you know what!" He says as he backs away from security. "At American Bash!, you'll have a fight! A no holds barred match against.... @Jwab the Star-Lord!" He says as the crowd cheers loudly. Farooq backs away calmly. "You're not going to get that championship that easily punk."
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