AMW Number 1 contender match for US Title

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  1. @Dat Kid vs Marcus Anthony(@TheArabHammer) vs Kenny Robinson(@Nickelodeon

    This match is a triple threat three promo match. Each competitor has a three promo limit, and 48 hours after the first promo, the 24 hour voting will begin. No interference. Pictures and music are allowed, but not videos. No voting for yourself, and please save OOC posts until after the match.​


  2. Dat Kid's limo rolls into the limo with Chinz in the sun roof dancing with two stacks of money in his hands. Dat Kid's homies hop out of the limo one by one. Kid comes out of the limo, cane first, wearing a large fur coat, gold chains and gold rings. Kid heads to the ring and he hands his cane to Chinz before walking up the steel steps.

    You know, I've been gettin' alotta hater mail from all these parents watching Dat KM-Dub, saying that I'm not a good role model for children. Well fuck dat shit, I'm the best mufuckin role model nigga! Can we get some mufuckin kids in the ring.

    Dat Kid's homies go in the crowd and steal kids out of their seats, then puts them in the ring with kids. Kid crouches down so that he is at eye level with the kids. He puts on a big smile with his grill on.

    Let me tell ya lil niggas a mufuckin story! Come on sit next to kid.

    Kid sits over at the bottom turnbuckle. The kids are too afraid to move. Kid takes off his belt and slams it on the ground. The kids move over to wear Dat Kid is sitting.

    This is the story of the Two Little Niggas. Once upon a time, there was two little niggas who lived with their ratchet ass mom, but she threw them niggas out cause they was ugly ass FUCK! They names was Marcus "Bitch Nigglett" Anthony and Kenny GetRobbedson. So dem broke ass niggas went and made some houses. The 1st nigga made his house outta kush, cause he couldn't hustle that shit and get a real house. The 2nd nigga built his house outta- well he aint have a house, that nigga lived in a box he found under the highway.

    So one day Dat Big Bad Nigga From Jersey rolled up on these little niggas. Dat Big Bad Nigga went to the first house and said "Open the mufuckin door, bitch nigga!". Then the little nigga said "No, not by the hair on my chiny chin chin", but we all know arab's are hairy as fuck, so that practically meant he would let him in, but he lied! So Dat Big Bad Nigga From Jersey burned Marcus' house and then he huffed and puffed, Dat Nigga was high as fuck! So Dat Big Bad Nigga From Jersey got the munchies and decided to rob the second little nigga, so he could get somethin' to eat from the bodega. Dat Big Bad Nigga beat GetRobbedson's ass, then took his wallet and Dat Big Bad Nigga From Jersey lived happily ever after.

    Dat Kid gets up

    The moral of the story is, I ain't here to play these little bitch nigga games. I'm here to take what I want and I don't give a fuck if I gotta beat ya niggas backstage, if i gotta get my homies to jump you, or if i gotta leave yo asses bloodied up on the pavement. This ain't a little nigga game, so if you came here to be a little nigga, then this Big Bad Nigga From Jersey gonna huff and puff when he bust a nut in your mom mouth, when she begs me to stop beatin her kids.

    Dat Kid swings the belt at the kids in the ring.

    Get da fuck up out my ring lil niggas!

    The kids run out of the ring as Dat Kid swings the belt around.
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  3. Ring Announcer: Marcus Anthony cannot compete tonight
  4. 27 hours left for promos.
  5. Announcer: And the winner via forfeit...Dat Kid

    Dat Kid snatches the mic out of the announcer's hand.

    And that's that. Them niggas back stage new what was going to happen if they brought they sorry little asses out here in the ring with me. I'm the realest niggas in the game! I'm the realest nigga of all time cause I take what I want! I took out deez niggas without having to do shit and now I want dat gold, bitch! Bruce Knight, I'm comin' for you nigga!

    Dat Kid leaves the ring and his entourage follows closely behind as they head back to the limo.
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