AMW United States championship match type?

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    As you all know, or if you just found this section, AMW is currently looking to crown their next United States champion. Now, we want to know from the fans and performers, what match type do you think the match should be? Post between Ladder match, steel cage match, street fight match, or special guest referee match! We want to hear from you the fans, so there will not be a poll, but instead I'll count the votes for each match type manually.

    Ladder Match: 1
    Cage Match: 1
    Street Fight: 1
  2. A pole on a pole match
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  3. A Ladder match....

    With the Owner hanging from the rafters with the belt in his hand.....
  4. Getting real tired of your shit :finger:
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  5. Anyway, I'd say a Ladder match because it's a four way match right? Wouldn't it be more logical to have a Ladder match?
  6. Perhaps it may :hmm: Ladder match 1
  7. Bra and panties match
  8. *Unkle Ruckus Voice* Cage match, so i can lock up all the monkeys
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  9. Street fight
  10. Wtf is a ladder match.
  11. Open voting for the whole Match.
  12. That would be like a lumberjack match
  13. That's how the rules of the Ladder Matches have always been :hmm:
  14. I dangle my penis above the ring and you try to get it