AMW United States championship match!

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Who do you think won?

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  1. Dat Kid

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  2. Bruce Knight

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  1. @Dat Kid vs Bruce Knight(@Forrest)

    This match is a 48 hour promo battle, after promos are done, 24 hour voting will take place. No interference, and no videos. Music and pictures are allowed. Voting for yourself will result in a automatic loss.​

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  4. Dat Kid's limo pulls into the AMW arena, driving through catering, and finally through the entrance area. The sunroof opens and Chinz, holding two bottle, pops out dancing. The door opens and smoke pours out, followed by Dat Kid, dressed in a suit with his cane. Kid and his entourage makes their way to the ring. Kid hops up on the apron and his crew surrounds the ring.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Dat Kid Made Wrestling and I am your walking main event! I'm gonna be honest with ya for a minute. I don't even know who this Bruce Knight faggot is. I mean, I know I got a match right now, I know it's for the United States Championship, and I know I'm gonna win without having to take off this $1,000 blazer, but the one thing I don't know is who the fuck this guy is. Seriously, does anyone know who the fuck this man is? Raise your hands is you know who this man is

    Stopspot raises his hand

    You don't count nigga, indie fag.

    I could've done my homework on this nigga and I could've came out in my wrestling gear, but honestly, I don't give a fuck about this nigga. All I know, is he gonna come out here, get knocked the fuck out and I'm gonna win the championship. That's it, what else do I have to say.

    I'm Dat mothafuckin Kid from Jersey! I've left of pile bitch ass niggas on the pavement in my career, it basically speaks for itself. Bruce Knight, the fuck has he ever done? Even with that championship around his waste, this nigga could two flying fucks about this faggot.

    So Bitch Knight, I ain't come here to play no fuckin' game, come out here, get that ass whuppin, and move along, cause I got shit to do.

  5. God Saves the queen plays through the PA System, met with Boos from the American Fans. Knight comes out with a Flag and two belts wrapped around his wait, The "Un-Official" British Championship and the US Title. He Waves his flag around the stage before getting to Dat Kid's limo which is obstructing him. He climbs on top of it, Looking out for any Illegal Immigrants hiding from within Kid's Limo and waving his flag proudly on top of it. He Pulls a Sign from the Flag's Pole, which reads "The US Fears the UK", Throwing the sign into the crowd, getting off of Dat Kid's limo and walking down to the ring, insulting the fans as he passes. He gets to the outside of the ring when he is stopped by the sight of Kid's Crew, who leave the ring at the Referee's orders, Waiting outside of the ring. Knight gets into the ring, and takes his titles off after placing his flag at a turn buckle. He holds his titles up high as he begins to sing "God Save the Queen" as it plays through the PA System. He sings as Dat Kid looks on, Bored from Knight's Patriotic actions. Once the Song Finishes he gives the titles to the referee and he faces Kid, Shouting at him "Bow down to your Ruler!" before grabbing a microphone.

    Knight: Dat Kid, Are you really that senile or are all Americans this way, forgetting they're defeats like they've never happened? You see, I defeated you and two other Jobbers to get this disgusting belt known as the US Title and you come out here to disrespect the man that handed your first defeat in AMW? Dat Jobber, Look at your crew, they're nothing but Filthy, Disgusting Animals...Hell, The whole arena is filled with your kind, yet I find you the weakest. I could kick your crew's asses any day yet you deny the fact that I have defeated you, That I kicked your ass around that ring on the night I won the US Title...It makes you sound Pathetic.

    You come out here thinking you won't get that gay ass blazer, which would get you killed in places like Uganda, dirty while fighting me...I promise you that you won't because by the time I'm done with you, Your Pride, like that Blazer of yours, will be gone. I will defeat you again and I will prove that the UK is the Strongest Nation in the world, That the American's are pathetic nobodies lead by a fake leader who claims to be from this pitiful nation. Dat Jobber, I will defeat you a second time and then you can leave this company and go back to whatever poor, cheap ass, whore of a mother you came from because like all the American's out there...You are all Mistakes to the Planet Earth....

    God Save the Queen but do not bring Mercy towards this Deformed Demon, who claims to be a human, and smite the filthy American pigs, who think they deserve to live in the world that the perfect Nation of Britain is in.

    Knight finishes by spitting on Dat Kid's Blazer, Kid's crew looking alive at Knight's action towards they're leader.
  6. Dat Kid looks at the spit on his blazer, looks back up at Bruce and slowly takes his blazer off, folds it neatly, and hands it to Chinz outside of the ring. Kid walks pass Bruce so that his back is facing his.

    You focus on America, you focus on my crew, and you focus on these people. It's not me who's the confused one out here tonight. You seem to be under the false impression that all three of those people embody me, but they don't. I am not here to represent America, I'm not here to represent those people, and I am not here to represent my crew. The only person that matters right now, is me, and only me.
    You call me and animal, but yet you'll boast about a victory over me in a steel cage, but I'll let you have that one. Maybe I am an animal and I think that you and I share that in common. The only difference between you and me is, I fight to conquer and you fight out of obedience. Waving someone else's flag like a little loyal puppy, it's cute.

    Let me tell you what's going to happen now. Your little child antics of spitting on another man may have sounded like a good idea in your head, but it's wasn't. While it may have seemed impactful to the audience, it means absolutely nothing in regards to defeating me here tonight. So you can play your little games until you spit so much you have to take a water break to rehydrate yourself, then spit some more, who cares because at the end of the match I may be covered in saliva, but you'll be covered in your own blood.

    Your short title reign must've been nice while it lasted.....bitch nigga
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  8. Knight: I'm surprised, Dat Jobber, You went an two paragraphs without using the words "Fuck" "Shit" "Bitch and....That word which us white people are forbidden to say. You have it wrong, Kid, I fight for Control, I am fighting for Control of this here belt and soon, It will be for control of AMW itself. I'm simply doing what many other American's would do, Wave their flags in pride of they're country...But America has no Pride...Just like you Dat Kid. That Steel Cage match was only a sign of what I could become if I am not given a break in between matches. That Cage match started right after my qualifier, I had no Break unlike you Dat Kid and because of that, I had to win to show the man in charge that he can't put me down.

    Dat Kid, Only you will bleed. I don't intend on busting someone open yet If I must, which you are suggesting, I have no choice but to do it. If my Fists are covered with your blood, then it will be with good intentions. I don't care about your feelings about your blazer or anyone in this arena, as like the fans, you, Dat Kid, are a Pathetic man, who always requires a backup team to follow him, where ever he goes.

    Dat Jobber, Do yourself a favour and go back to the "Hood" and do your usual routine of engaging in Illiegal activity because when I defeat you, You will be going back to that daily routine of rotting in jail for your crimes while you will watch me dominate the competition in AMW...

    God Save the Queen.

    OOC: Last Promo for me, Looks like the Time limit is already Expired anyway.
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