AMW United States championship Steel Cage match

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Who do you think should win?

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  1. Kenny Robinson

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  2. Bruce Knight

  3. Dat Kid

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  4. Marcus Anthony

  1. Dat Kid(@Dat Kid) vs Marcus Anthony(@TheArabHammer) vs Bruce Knight(@Forrest) vs Kenny Robinson(@Nickelodeon)

    The rules for this match are simple. Unlimited promos, and no OOC posts at all, or they will be removed. Backstage posts are fine, but no coming out to the arena. The promos will be for 48 hours, then voting will be for 24 hours. The winner of this match will become the AMW United States champion. Anyone is allowed to go first, the second post will be for tagging just to confirm that all the challengers get tagged.​


  2. The Cage is hanging, waiting for all competitors to enter the ring as Bruce Knight makes his way out. The Crowd quickly boos him as he appears with a British Flag, waving around and Knight shouting that he is the 'British' Champion. He makes his way down to the ring while waving his flags as the crowd's booing increases. He enters the ring and places his flag on a turnbuckle. He grabs a microphone from a ring announcer.

    Knight: Everyone, Shut the Hell Up!

    The Crowd imminently shut up as God Save the Queen plays and Knight sings it as the Crowd boo, Knight placing his hand on his chest as he shouts. Once the National Anthem finishes, He smiles as the Crowd boo as loud as they can.

    Knight: How dare you boo you're 'British' Champion, The Future of Wrestling, Bruce Knight. Deny it all you want but everyone will agree that I will be a big thing in the future, weather like it or not. Now onto the three Jobbers I have to face.

    Dat kid, A Man who hides behind his 'Homies', as people like you would say. What happens when they leave? You get a defenseless man who claims he's God. If you're God, Why is it that there is a list of people who are ahead of you in places such as IWT? Why is it that you got booked in a match with the world's worst Jobber, FTJ? If you are God.....Then Where is your Jesus? Where is your Mary? Where is your Proof?

    Marcus Anthony, One of Britanica's Male Prostitutes. A man who will be simply replaced by a man of Britanica's choosing. Just like everyone else, You are replaceable. How long until Trip finds a new Partner? How long until your cast out of the Order? How Long until that curtain falls down on you're career?

    Kenny Robinson....Where do I start. A Male Model who thinks he can wrestle...This can only end in shame and injury for this guy. He has no experience from what I know and tonight, He's being placed inside of a steel cell, one which, I promise, will ruin those good looks on you're face.
    Does Blood work during Modeling? Will your face be as pretty after you are busted open? How many Fans, If you had any, will abandon you after your loss?

    I am THE Future of Wrestling....and Tonight, I shall Triumph!

    Knight waits by the turnbuckle where his flag is for the other opponants.
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  3. Dat Kid's hummer limo pulls into the arena. His nigga Chinz hangs out of the sun roof throwing up gang signs. A group of deaf people sitting in the crowd are confused at this. The door of the limo opens and Kid's homies come out one by one. Dat Kid walks out of the limo wearing a wifebeater, jean shorts, and high socks. He has a blunt in one hand and a 40 oz in one hand. Dat Kid is completely intoxicated as he staggers to the ring with his homies walking with him, just as fucked up. Kid rolls in the ring and lays on the mat instead of getting up. Chinz hands Dat Kid a mic.


    Ladies and Gentlemen, if you didn't already know, this is Dat KM Dub cause America ain't make shit. This shit right here, Dat Kid made all of this possible. You ain't got an wrestling company without Dat Kid, nah sayin'.

    Dat Kid grabs the ropes and pulls himself up. He looks over at Bruce, who's starting right back at um.

    Da fuck you looking' at? You mad nigga?

    Dat Kid turns around to his homies at ringside.

    Go get the shit. Iiight, before I beat this nigga ass I got some product for ya'll.

    Dat Kid's homies come back from the limo with boxes.

    Iight, what we got right here...

    Dat Kid grabs the box, but he drops it and a whole bunch of condoms fall all over the mat. Dat Kid looks up at Bruce Knight.

    This ain't for you faggot, so you can stop looking at me with that moist asshole.

    Dat Kid picks up one of the condom packages.

    Iight now what we got here is Dem Condoms From Jersey. See this condom is special, iight. What happens is, when you about to bust a nut, special shit on the condom kills all them child support babies you about to have. It's like havin' Dem Niggas From Jersey watching you back while you haven sex and then they poppin caps in your sperms ass and it's not like them 99% safe condoms. My condoms is a hunit pahcent safe. Every time I'm on the Maury show, I'm never the father, so you already know this dat shit. Just look...

    Dat Kid opens up the packet and pulls out a used condom that has huge holes in it.

    Iiight, maybe not this one, but the rest of dees is legit. We selling these at $20 a pop, so go on and get you some. In fact, you can have this one as a free sample.

    Dat Kid throws the condom in the crowd and it lands on @Lady Deathbane 's face. Dat Kid catches sight of something when he threw the condom.

    What the fuck is that?

    Dat Kid points up to the cage.

    What THE FUCK is that?!

    Chinz: I on't know man. Sheeet, ain't nobody tell me nothin'.

    Trina! Get you raggedy ass out here!

    Trina, a pregnant woman with her weave barely hanging on her head, walks out the limo and to ringside.

    You in charge of shit like this, why the fuck you aint tell me I had a steel cage match with these niggas?

    Trina: I was tryin' to tell you all day, but yo ass was smoking dope with these whack ass niggas right here.


    Dat Kid jumps out the ring and backhands Trina

    Get yo ass back in the car.

    Trina runs back to the limo crying. Kid, now angered out of his inebriation, rolls back into the ring. He heads right over to Bruce.

    Nigga, don't you ever pulls some shit like this again, in yo life! Look at you, you little scared ass white boy. I don't give a fuck where you from, you ain't from my hood yo ass is gettin' trashed and I'm talking to them fuck niggas in the back too, cause I know ya'll hearin' me back there.

    When you put a nigga like me in a cage with some sorry ass bitch niggas like this, you already know what you what's about to go down! You see, I was born in the cage. I ain't choose this life, this life chose me, so when some little white boy from West Bubbafuck England comes in here and disrespects ME in MY ring, what the fuck you think I'ma do? You ain't even have to say shit, you just standing here is straight up disrespectful. The fact, that your weak little ass think you can EVEN offer me competition is a mistake on your part, and you bout to learn dat today.
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  5. OOC: I will when I get home

  6. The crowd is mostly silent at the theme song, unsure of who is about to come out. A few seconds in, Kenny emerges from the curtain and appears on the stage. A few women cheer as he flexes momentarily. He turns back to the curtain and motions to the back. Out come three security guards, who surround him. Kenny then makes his way down to ringside and grabs a microphone.

    "Well well well what do we have here? Two hideous fools trying to impress you? Let's be serious here. The only thing that will ever impress you is this..."

    Kenny removes his shirt as the women pop. He begins shaking pecs and smiling.

    "I would keep going, but I don't want the arena to flood. I'm the guy that makes the women cheer, and I'm the guy that makes men - including you two - question their sexualities. Now, in order to keep this perfect body unscathed, I made a few security precautions. Camera man, come here."

    The camera zooms in on Kenny

    "Look at the perfection that is my body. In order to keep this body the way it is, I've hired some protection. I don't want those jealous, uneducated fools laying their dirty hands on me."

    "That being said, these two had best be prepared. My all American football and wrestling skills will power me to victory. I'm ruthless in the ring, just like I'm ruthless in the bed."

    He winks at the camera as the ladies pop again.

    "Let's just put it this way - the AMW US title is about to be mine, forever."
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  7. *Marcus Anthony walks out after a few seconds into The Order's theme song to a raucous crowd filling the arena with boos. He pulls the hood off of his head and walks down to the ring and as he jumps in the cage gets to it's final resting place and the referees are checking the door to make sure it's locked. Marcus grabs a mic laying in the corner of the ring*

    Marcus: Tonight will be the crowning achievement for The Order of Night as we make etching my name as the first US Champion in AMW. *the fans start to boo* Now I could not have picked a more fitting setting then in a steel cage. The Order are considered nothing more than a pack of wolves. Sadly enough for them, they gravely underestimate what a collective of predators can do with the proper motivation. I am right at home, here in the friendly confines of this cold unforgiving steel. Each one of these men are going to taste their own blood. Have their flesh torn apart and have their bodies broken to the point where THEY will BEG ME to end their suffering. Now they can try their best to take me down and beat me within an inch of my life. I am known as the Phoenix because when all seems dead and buried, I rise up just to scorch those who dared to punish me.

    Bruce Knight, the pompous ass of the UK. What a feeble attempt to try and plant the seeds of doubt with my loyalty towards my brethren. *Marcus walks up to him and looks around him* You know what separates the predators from the prey? Instincts, and my instincts are telling me you're afraid. Your fear is radiating off of you and this whole I'm the Future of Wrestling shtick is just a smoke screen to cover up the fact that you'll never be as good as you claim.
    *Marcus walks over to Dat Kid*
    Kid, you surround yourself with people whose loyalty can change at the drop of a hat or better yet a couple bills. I guess you're here as the comic relief to this match. Much like Ja Rule was to the music industry once he was made to be made a bitch just like you will be tonight.

    *Marcus now turns his attention to Kenny Robinson* our fourth competitor? You sure you want to be in here? I mean you do realize that irreparable damage is going to happen to you. That face that has been on magazines and billboards won't be recognizable when we finish here. You'll be eating your meals through a straw and wishing that you would've stayed your prissy ass at home drinking your virgin mojitos and practicing your model walk. *crowd has a mix of laughs and a chant of PRISSY BITCH* because getting locked in a cage with people who've done this for a living is a terrible career change for someone who's last physical altercation was over the last celery stick with a malnourished female model that you barely walked away from.

    The only way you will all walk out of here unscathed is to give in to The Order, because darkness....HAS...FALLEN
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  8. Voting is open!
  9. Gonna read em now
  10. :pity:Hammer, totally. My ordering would go:

    1: Hammer
    2: Forrest
    3: Dat Kid
    4: Nick
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  11. As the bell rings, Farooq's theme begins to play. He comes out with the AMW United States championship in his hands as four security guards surround him. He makes his way down to the ramp, and enters the ring by the steel steps. Security surrounds the ring as a microphone. ""Your winner, and the first ever AMW United States champion, Bruce Knight!" Farooq says as the crowd boos, Farooq handing the belt over to Bruce Knight and then proceeds to leave the ring.
  12. Knight takes the belt from Farooq then grabs a microphone as the crowd keep booing instenly.

    Knight: What did I say you filthy Americans? That I would be crowned your US Champion! This is just a sign of things to come AMW.....The British....Are coming!

    Knight straps the belt around his waist, Grabs his UK Flag and leaves as the fans throw trash into the ring in protest of Knight's win. Knight waves his flag up on the stage as the crowd boo as loud as they can as the event ends.
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