AMW Written match: Luigi vs Yoda

Discussion in 'AMW' started by Harley Quinn, Apr 30, 2014.

  1. Luigi is in the ring with Mario in his corner. Yoda, on the other side. Luigi goes to tackle Yoda, but he jumps to high and gets launched outside of the ring. Yoda jumps out, doing a senton that lands on Luigi. Yoda grabs Luigi and rolls him into the ring. Yoda goes for the pin. "1....2...NO!!" Luigi kicks out and jumps up. He does a low dropkick, that hits Yoda directly in the face as Yoda falls back and rolls to the ropes. Yoda stands on the apron on the outside of the ropes. Luigi jumps on the turnbuckle and dropkicks Yoda in the face, knocking him into the barricade with ease. Yoda takes his time getting up, barely making it to his feet.

    Yoda rolls into the ring, but only just to be punched in the face by Luigi. Luigi grabs Yoda, preparing him for the powerbomb. Then, Mario comes in and clotheslines Luigi! The crowd is in shock as Mario goes for his finisher, he jumps on Luigi's head which knocks him out completely. Mario jumps on Yoda's head too, then stands on both of them. "1...2....3!!!" Mario wins! Mario betrayed his brother, and the fans to win this match! That sone of a bitch!!! MARIO IS IN THE TOURNAMENT NOW!!!