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    *B.Dazzle asks for a mic.*

    B.Dazzle: I am now the next number one contender for the X-Division championship. Jake you were good competition, but in the end I proved why I am dubbed the future. Now I am not out here to gloat about my win, I am out here to offer you a proposition. Jake, you called yourself greatness, and although you lost, you proved that your're pretty damn good. That's why I am out here to ask you to see the errors of your ways, and join me in my quest of moving this place in the right direction. Stop thinking about yourself, and start thinking about others. Jake, together we can become the future, together we can become greatness. Together we can become Future Greatness.

    *B.Dazzle waits patiently, waiting to see if Jake will accept his proposition.*
  2. Jake makes his way to the ring, as Hero by Pop Evil plays loudly. Jake Woods wearing his usual entrance attire. He has a serious look on his face while making he continues to make his way to the ring. Woods enters the ring and once he does so, he requests a microphone. A microphone is given to Jake as he clears his throat, preparing to speak.
    Jake Woods: "We certainly had one great match. You do know how to dazzle and I still consider myself to be greatness. But, what everybody is wondering right now, is whether I'll accept or decline, right? Well.."​
    Jake Woods: "I am going to decline..everything I've said about you in the past. I was wrong. I'd like a fresh start. I accept."​
    Jake smiles as the crowd begins giving him mixed reactions, most of them cheers. Jake offers his hand, requesting a handshake.
  3. *B.Dazzle looks to the crowd and smiles. He looks down at Jake's hand and shakes it. The crowd cheers.*

    B.Dazzle: Tonight is the night I have been talking about. A night in which the a glimpse of the next generation is shown. Ladies and Gentleman, you are looking at Future Greatness.

    *The crowd cheers again.*
  4. The cameras suddenly shift as a giant blast of pink pyro pops by the main entrance, followed by a huge Pop as the Titantron turns on, and the theme plays.

    *Aids Johnson walks out, Blue Briefcase in hand (painted with Aids' on the case) in a Brewers Jersey, and khaki pants. He blows smoke out as he walks into the entrance, and holds up the briefcase to a crowd now mixed with boo's alongside the cheers. Aids walks down to the ring giving fives to random people, but is insulting the crowd as he walks down, letting them know "Incognito fears this Johnson." He rolls into the ring, and while Dazzle looks to possibly fight, Jake puts his arm out to hold back and see what happens. Aids takes the mic out of Dazzles hand.

    Aww, how pretty. The number one contender, and his only opponent, ever, are here to make an impact in IWT. I know you characters have met me, hell i even chose which one of you was the real winner.(Crowd boos) I'm going to keep this short and simple, as there is no reason for me to be here, im a future champion. I have a match for summerslam to prepare for, and i think you two are going to be my warm up match. Team Dazzle Woods vs Aids Johnson, handicap match, Uprising.(Crowd Pop)

    Decisions, decisions.
  5. *Jacob watching at home*

    ALREADY HAPPENED! Adam and myself. IWT means no creativity, that's why the IWT universe sucks...
  6. *B.Dazzle snatches the mic out of Aids hand.*

    B.Dazzle: You want a warm up before your Summerslam match? Well your're going to get one, but it won't be a handicap match.

    *The crowd boos.*

    B.Dazzle: I know you're all upset, but hear me out. I have a big title match at Summerslam that I need to be rested for, and since Jake has nothing to do, why don't you go against him?
  7. Aids Holds the briefcase over Dazzle's head, and laughs. He snatches the mic out of his hand throws it past Jake's head and as he ducks, grabs the mic out of his hand also.

    I guess i will be the only one to accept this, and handle this situation like a man. You barely beat Jake, and he can still feel the pain of realizing he somehow lost to you. I am a legend here, the greatest IWT champion, Mr. Money in the Bank, and the soon to be ONLY TWO TIME IWT CHAMPION IN COMPANY HISTORY!

    You both have time to decide, but today just isn't your day.

    Aids walks back as he moves and goes through the ropes, strutting as he goes backstage as his music hits once again.
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  9. Jake Woods gets B. Dazzle's attention and whispers "I wanna teach him a lesson." Woods grabs a microphone.
    Jake Woods: "Yeah, Mr. Johnson, stay right there for a second. I want a match, one on one with you. Since you challenged me, there's no turning back. I will prove to you that I'm greatness. And, I'll do it for all of you!"​
    Jake looks at the crowd and smiles before turning attention his attention back to Aids.
    Jake Woods: "And, after I'm done with you, the confident man with the Money In The Bank briefcase wearing the Milwaukee Brewers jersey, will become the man who will never bother me again due to embarrassment! I will not only win for Future Greatness. But, I'll do it for the New York Yankees!"​
    Jake Woods laughs as he looks at Aids.

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