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Name of the fed

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  1. PCW (Perfect Championship Wrestling)

  2. PWF (Perfect Wrestling Federation)

  3. PWGP (Perfect Wrestling Grand Prix)

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    I love IWT, but I was thinking of making my own e-fed as kind of like a New Japan to IWT's WWE. Instead of constant booking and matches and such, I'd run "tours" where we'd have tournaments and championship matches. The biggest difference is that the promos would have to be shorter and concise. Two medium paragraphs max. The thing I dislike the most about IWT is the voting process. I like being involved in efeds as a creative outlet, not a popularity contest. So in this fed I would not be an active competitor and I would judge the matches objectively and choose a winner. Others would be welcome to post their thoughts and rate the matches as per their opinion and I would take that into consideration as well.

    For this to work obviously I'd need people to want to do it. Your IWT characters would be welcome as well as any new character you'd want to try out. I'd like to have a partnership with IWT wherein we could talk about each other and carry each others titles in each brand. Basically like the IWGP titles have been taken abroad in the past.

    So @Jonathan let me know if you're cool with that. As for the rest , if you're interested please post ITT that you're in and who your character is so I can plan something. I gather I'd need at least ten people to make it interesting. The tag titles would be determined by a random tournament. Meaning, I'd stick everyone in a team with a random partner and see how well you work together to get to the top.

    Thanks for your time.

    -B Dazzle
    -gav the chav
    -King Taz
    -DK Batista
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  2. So what you're telling me is that I could do my B.Dazzle gimmick in IWT and your e-fed, and they would still be the same person but it would just be me going on a tour for another company?
  3. I'm cool with it, could probably get a sub-forum from IWT if we ask Crayo nicely so it doesn't get confusing.

    You're right about the popularity contest, some of the time, the majority of the winners do deserve it though. It's a shame the minority ruins it for the majority.

    Sounds good regarding them running side-by-side.
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  4. I'd be up for touring.
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  5. It would good for storylines and for writing people off. I love the idea, I would love to be on the first IWT NJPW Tour
  6. Precisely
  7. Cool
  8. You sir have gotten yourself a participant. I'm in.
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  9. I'd like to be part of it :obama:
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  10. We could have a non title match in Japan to further the feud after The Slammys
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  11. That would be awesome, but thats up to Senhor to book.
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  12. The chavs in to
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  13. Sweet!

    @Senhor Perfect we should make a list and restrict the tour to 10 people at once so the first 10 people down for it get on the tour.
  14. I said at least ten people, the more the better. I want to have tag champs, jr heavyweight champ, and heavyweight champ.
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  15. I'm definitely down for this, I'll probably be using a new character in this though.
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  16. Ah cool. When do you think we could launch this?
  17. By the way, if you're a champion of IWT and you neglect it, you will be stripped. Just as a word of warning.
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  18. Don't worry Jono, you won't be having that problem with The Dazzling Chavs.
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  19. I'll probably also run a new character in this. Not sure if the old Alkaline character would be fitting.
  20. I'm definitely in. Sounds like an epic idea. I'll use David Erro (my IWT character). I like the tag tournament idea too. It's kinda like how AJ Styles is participating in Japan shows with his TNA world title. Nice idea.
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