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  1. Dylan Gray is backstage as a reporter approaches him with caution.

    Reporter: "Dylan, Dylan, may I just ask what on earth went on out there with you and WIll Savat?"

    Gray: "First of all, don't approach me like that you slimy little bastard, second of all, I have no idea what Will Savat was doing out there sticking his beak into my business, he has no right being anywhere near me, let alone interrupting me."

    Reporter: "Do you feel intimidated at all?"

    Gray: "Intimidated? Did you see me? I did what not many others have the balls to do, I stood up to him, I stood my ground and stayed there, I asked him if he wanted a fight, he pussied out, not my fault, but i'm keeping my eye out, at the moment i'm focusing on that goon Al Blizzard wherever the fuck he is, haven't seen him anywhere."

    Reporter: "Look, Will Savat will sell more than Al Blizzard so please tell me something about what you and Will Savat have planned?"

    Gray: "Do you really want me to beat the shit out of you? I'm facing Blizzard, Savat has nothing to do with me, i'll keep it simple for your simple mind and simple readers, all 4 of them, Will Savat is a pieace of shit on and off the camera, he's a bully and a wannabe has been, that's all I have to say, now get the fuck out of my face before I slap some sense into your fat old cheeks, here me, old man?"

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    Reagan is seen walking past the interview but stops when he notices Dylan getting all angry at a interviewer

    Reagan: Dylan! Remember me? The guy that was mentioned quite a few times out there? I see you're still a bit, as the fans call it, "salty" over when I pinned you not once but twice in the centre of the ring.

    Cole notices the reporter

    Reagan: Who are you?
    Reporter: My name i-
    Reagan: I don't care, now get out of the frame

    The Reporter looks a bit annoyed as he backs out of frame

    Reagan: Anyway, see here's the thing. I just want to tell you that I'm going to enjoy the match between you and Blizzard because I'm good friends with him. He's another NGW alumni, and I know you really like facing them! But I just want to quickly tell ya that I just finished talking to Al himself because he, unfortunately, is on holiday right now. He's in some-place, I think he said Australia or Germany maybe since he does like beer. And he said to me that he can't wait to kick your ass then hang it off a pole which is slightly weird but it's him. He is kind of weird. He also said something about your bad luck is only just beginning. And since I'm here, next time you see Will Savat, give him a message from me, that I am going to defeat him and advance because that is the Cole way....

    Reagan goes to walk away but walks back and stares directly at Dylan Gray as he says the following

    Reagan: Good luck, you're going to need it.

    Reagan walks away

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