An Anniversary?

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  1. *B.Dazzle struts his way down to the ring. He walks around, gets a mic, and stands in the ring. He has a little grin on his face.*

    B.Dazzle: Starting Monday, the IWT will be celebrating it's one year anniversary for a whole week long extravaganza. What B.Dazzle wants to know is what we are truly celebrating? Are we celebrating a year filled with corrupt management, whiny losers, and mediocrity? Are we celebrating a year of random people showing up and talking about being the greatest wrestler in IWT and then amount to nothing? Or are we celebrating a year of no-shows, failed attempts at group reunitings, psycho bitches, a fat G.M doing nothing, and the same people getting more chances than others due to name recognition? If you ask B.Dazzle, it's all three! How this company even made it one month is beyond B.Dazzle. You need not to worry though, because the Anniversary show is going to kick some ass, and the reason is simple. The reason is because all three members of The Dazzling Chavs are going to team up together with two other candy asses to defeat an entire team of candy asses. As for the rest of the show.....who gives a damn? B.Dazzle is sure the people are so excited to see Senior citizen perfect vs I'm not as good as by brother Christian. The only match B.Dazzle is excited for other than his own is watching Gav's boy Aids Johnson beat that jabroni DK James. By the way, what the hell is a DK james anyway? Well what ever it is, i'm sure it's not below Adam Hawk level. All B.Dazzle knows is that the only celebrating that's going to be done is by the dazzling one, B.Dazzle.
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