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  1. Lets say for example Gohan challenged me for the WHC.
    I accepted.
    Since I'm losing more than receiving, I think it'd be fair if the Champion retained they get $5.00 Cash.

    This excludes Royal Rumble or Money in the Bank.

    So say you challenged and accepted.

    $5.00 if you lose. (If the Champion loses, he just loses the title.)
    $2.50 if you lose. (Only if you won number one contendership.)
  2. So you want to incorporate bets with promo battles?
  3. Who will fund it? I like that idea though
  4. If we can get this (IWT) more organized we can talk to Crayo about possibly letting us fund this.
  5. @"cm Punk"

    "Alright, here is my idea.

    Since this is a bit difficult to explain, I'll just make an example.

    *Gohan Challenges Me for the World Heavyweight Championship
    *I accept
    *Since I'm losing more than gaining the wager goes up
    *If Gohan loses, he pays $5.00 in NP
    *If I lose, I lose my Championship

    ^ Not that hard to understand.
    Also if you earn a Number One Contender shot, the price is $2.50

    This excludes Royal Rumble and Money in the Bank winners."
  6. Some people don't have 5.00 NP cash. Are we going to set restrictions on NP cash in order to contest for a belt? I don't mind that either because i'm filthy rich.
  7. :urm:

    I guess we will.

    Say if you and Senhor be The Leo's, they owe both of you $5.00
  8. I"ll actually pay for no one who can't cause I don't care about NP.
  9. What about wagering money in the actual promo battle?

    Say Punk vs Gohan... Since Punk is the title holder, he calls the stipulations.
    He can say Promo battle + $5.00 PTW (pay to winner)
    Say Punk retains, he will keep the belt and Gohan will pay him $5.00
    But if Gohan wins, Punk will lose the title and pay him $5.00


    You can do it like you said, where the under dog would win the cash if he wins, so cash and belt
    But if the expected winner, wins, he just wins the belt.
  10. I will also fund matches if someone doesn't have enough, or atleast the difference
  11. There is also asking Mr. Million Dollar Champ about this as well... He can easily fund it.

    @"big hoss rambler"
  12. What we do is each competitor must donate $5 to @britanica At that point the promos will be held and she will donate the money to the winner. No?
  13. :hmm:

    So i would work as a banking system?

    I am okay with that.
  14. :urm:
    I think she'll just change her name once again.
    :notsure: if all of us should trust her...
  15. I am done changing my name. It makes it hard for people to tag me anyways. lol Also, if I have money I am not aloud to touch, I won't touch it. I am not that petty to steal fake internet money.

  16. My bad, the challenger will post the money right? Not both competitors. It's like a fee to challenge for the title and if he loses the money, it will be given to the succesful retain. If the challenger wins he gets his money back? Is that pretty good? Or do you have something else in mind?
  17. Something like that.

    Sometimes people just demand for a championship match.
    Say you accepted and you battled him and won.
    He gives you $5.00 after the bout
    Say if you lost the bout, you only lose your championship.
    Although you have a free rematch so... it's kinda worth it.
  18. As for Britanica, I prefer my idea. The champion giving $5.00 is a bit too much.
  19. I really like this idea. I vote for it, if that matters to anyone.
  20. Where's my meth?