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Discussion in 'IWT Archives' started by Nickelodeon, Nov 24, 2013.

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  1. So, I've been wondering this ever since I came into IWT. Why don't we have actual matches written up?

    I'd honestly love to be the guy that writes the matches up. People make movesets and matches are mad off of them. I say this because it's supposed to be an E Fed, and we never focus on the wrestling part of it. And all of the matches are based off of the voting. If a guy wins 6-0, it will be a squash. If it's 4-3, it'll be near fall after near fall. Creative can suggest special spots for storylines and such.

    So say we have a PPV. After all matches are done, I take a look at voting. I right it up, and bam, actual matches in addition to promos. More than one person can help write matches as well.

    This message is more directed to Creative and Jonofag. But yeah, if you're down, tell me. And if you wanna see an example of what I can do, I can write a couple of Suvivor Series match cards.

    So yeah, if you support, vote. Any questions, ask me.

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    will send nudes for votes

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  2. I think we already had this idea. It'll be too much work if it's just you imo.
  3. I doubt it. Trust me, I've got a LOT of spare time on my hands as of late. Besides, a group of three or four of us could also collaborate and write them all if necessary. So yeah, I don't see any issues ATM.
  4. I guess you could try, but that will be a lot of work of just one man.

    Actually, I'm up for helping.
  5. Okay, if everyone thinks it's a good idea we can write these together.
  6. I just really want to be a help to IWT. I like doing this but I feel like it's really slowed down these last couple of months.
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  7. Still think it's too much work for the both of you. We have random matches pop up here and there. There isn't a real schedule and if people already know the outcome, what's the point?

    That'd mean voting would have to be confidential, we'd send you the result and you'd make the match.
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  8. Yeah, that's exactly how I've felt. Ever since the IWT-FSW split things just died. I wanna get it back to the way it was in like August/September
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  9. Where are those nudes?
  10. And what if these only happen on Uprising and PPVs? That way, it won't be to much and it'll be organized.
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  11. Coming right up :ksi:
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  12. I think the idea is good, it's just on me and Nick to make it work.

    I'm sure its been done countless times and its failed countless times. Maybe Nick and I are the ones.
  13. This was what I was going for. My bad, didn't specify.
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  14. I don't see any problem with it, as long as you know the responsibility and at least have two partners to help you. Jonathan needs to work with you both on this too.
  15. Me and Nick could split it evenly on matches. We could each pick what we feel like we could do better on.
  16. I like writing matches, so I'm good with it.
  17. I'm not in IWT, but I read this and shit I have the most free time ever, so yeah I'll help ya if necessary,
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  18. The more the merrier. If this works out 3-5 of us will suffice.
  19. I'd be down with 2-3 people working together writing up matches, and as long as they aren't the same people who make up the core (pub + 1-2 others) group i'm fine with it. I really am not good at writing, that much I see as obvious. I can help in other ways, just point me in the right direction.
  20. I can help here and there if you need me.