An interview with Aidsey - Alias edition

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  1. As we return for the house show in Milwaukee, Wisconsin Antonio Alias comes out to his theme before his music suddenly cuts out immediately as he walks out. Sage aka @Lady Deahtbane rushes him into the ring before handing him a card. He looks at it, and sarcastically she holds up the microphone to which he responds mildly - Your five time, five time, five time, five time, five time.....five time champion of the world Aids Johnson...Sage jumps in the air and moves her arms to the side introducing the IWT Champion Aids Johnson as he comes out to his new entrance....

    Aids walks out to a huge boo, soaking it in as he walks slowly into the ring, stepping up the stairs and walking face to face with his former opponent. Aids walks around him in a full circle before taking a seat and looking Alias in the eyes and prompting him to take a seat also.

    Aids: You sit here as the former champion of the IWT, how does that feel?

    Alias: I

    Aids: It doesn't matter how you feel! What in the world were you thinking taking an interview with the man who run this company decided to do Aidsey talks?

    Alias: Well...

    Aids cuts off Alias once again to yell out "Your opinion doesnt matter!" and Alias stands up staring Aids in the eyes as he stays seated, laughing.

    Aids: You don't get it, do you son. Tonight is my night, because every night, is my night. This is MY HOUSE and you stand in MY RING!

    Alias begins to speak but his microphone is cut off as he heatedly yells at aids. Aids stands up and looks Alias in the eyes before speaking one more time.

    You don't understand, when I speak of what is mine and why I own it, because this is my house and the match you have against Georgie pie will prove once again this was no fluke. This is My house and there is no one who is going to take what I took from you back. I owe you nothing, and without me there is no IWT. Fuck Michael, this is the houe I BUILT!

    Aids looks away for a moment to brag and is hit hard in the side of the face by Alias before rolling out of the ring, holding his jaw crookedly before holding up the title, staring Alias in the eyes as Alias stands in the ring strongly to a huge crowd pop.
  2. *Alias, looking on from the ring, grabs a mic.*
    You see, this is the problem with you Aidsy. You gain ONE measly victory over me and you're suddenly on the highest horse out here, and I really hope, for your sake, that Ovaldinho knocks you off of it at Summerslam. And if he chokes at the big stage like he could very well do, don't you worry Aids. I'll be knocking at the door immediately to invoke my rematch clause at the next event. And I'm just warning ya because I may have an ounce of respect for you after you beat me, but even that is exasperating by the minute. You're a sore winner and a sore loser so even if you hold that title right now and I don't, you will still always wish to be me because I'm twice the man you will ever be. You can try to cut me off all you want, but you more than anyone knows that I'll speak if I goddamn want to and nobody, especially YOU, will stop me. So if you want to give me a legit interview about my upcoming match with our old pal, Georgie; then come in, go ahead.

    If not, you can fuck off back to AA.
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  3. Aids walks out to no music, stopping at the top of the stage to once again adjust his jaw. He runs down into the ring with a baseball slide before getting another microphone handed to him. He backs into the corner and jumps up for a seat. He stares at Alias before being handed a beer and taking a sip.

    I asked for that, and you answered. I was told by the brass this would be something that would help us both out - a win win as they say -a but we both know you don't respect me and I certainly plan on keeping the gold around my waist after we innevitably meet one. more. time, sending you back just like I did Michael.

    You want the stage son? Take it.

    Tell the world what we all want to know, because in my book you vs George is the match of the night. I beat you and will beat my chest until my dying breath about it. I proved who I am and what I stand for one more time, but most of the competitors here and most of these WONDERFUL BREWERS FANS! *cheap pop* have no idea what the glassglow beast was. They hear the cure and they see names like you and I, but those long gone are never talked about. George is the one name people should know.

    So what do you have to prove? What does the IWT have to expect outside of a 5* match?
  4. *Alias smiles*
    Before we ramble on here Aidsy, let me remind you that our head-to-head record is 2-1 to my favour, so one could say that your victory over me at Uprising was an unmitigated fluke. But I'm not the type of man to fabricate excuses or create subterfuge just to avoid the blame of my loss to you. I admit that you got the better of me on that night, with your old drunk ass. You cut my REVOLUTION by the head, and gave me no reason to carry on here. You beheaded the only thing I stood for and basically sent me back to step one. Your loss was all I needed to shift the paradigm into the utopian New IWT, but it simply was not to be. But I wasn't going to beat myself over it OR start from step one again. I decided to reach for the sky and go after the very man who's accountable for my REVOLUTION. He filled my head with the idea of this revolution when I stepped foot on this company for the first time. That's why The Cure was founded, I'm sure you fucking know that. But then.....but then Georgie skewed what we were supposed to be into some sort of venal mercenaries in service of the one man we wanted OUT of the IWT, Aids Johnson himself. But when that shit hit the fan, he was nowhere to be found. He left us, he left the "revolution", without prior justification. It wasn't tenable as to why he did what he did, but we all started to fend for ourselves since then, including yourself.

    And the thing is, the one thing that perdured in my mind from those times that hasn't exactly stayed in other Cure members' minds, is the illusion of this revolution. I truly believed and fought for it to no avail, and heck I may continue to do so after all, but my mind cannot be at peace till I take on and eviscerate the monster who can arguably be coined as the root of my dysfunctionality, the root of this revolution, the root of my anger, the root of....The Cure. What I have to prove to everyone, is that I can beat the monster who's been in the back of not only my head, but everyone's head. Simple as that.

    So what else to expect other than a 5 star match you, ask? A war, a war between former Cure members. And a war between a man who took his ball and went home once he lost, and a man who took the other man's ball and thrived indubitably in the IWT. But now the former man who has always eluded me is coming back to try and get his ball back? Well guess what, I'll destroy his hopes just like he did with mine once he left. Eye for an eye.

    It's time to forever excise what was the cancer of The Cure and on a larger scale, the IWT. It starts with Georgie, then I come back to you Aidsy, more focused than ever.
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