Storyline An interview with Aidsey

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  1. The video starts with the camera crew following the interiviewer into Aids' personal gym inside of the IWT developmental complex. The camera pans to a full bottle of Glenfiddich, before looking up at Aids sparring with his personal trainer. His trainer looks over to see the crew walking towards them, and instead of stopping - Aids lands a quick blow to the side of his head, sending the man to the ground. Aids then throws his gloves to the ground before walking over and grabbing the microphone out of his hand.

    Who sent you here to waste my time, Michael? Why is Aids so silent? I have work to do, I don't just walk out to the ring to the cheer and jeer of 10's of thousands of fans, I do work.

    Do I take Evander serious? Have you followed my rise to the top in the IWT? This company is NOT about wins and losses and I have said that time and time again. Anyone here can knock any man down in ANY match, and I know that this Summerslam match could be my last. I am ready to fight right now, and you can bet your ass I will be ready come my Summerslam match, wearing the IWT championship belt around my waist.

    Alias, Evander, and the IWT nation this isn't going to me cat calling your bitch asses and pandering to the crowd drunk once again, this is going to be me putting you all on notice. I am not here to joke and play, I am here to become mr 5x and head into the 2nd biggest PPV this company puts out once again as the greatest man to head from the stage into the ring.

    While everyone takes this "old man" lightly, lying to the crowd and themselves about what they can do against me, i'm going to be preparing to Ali shuffle all over that ring wearing Gold like I was born to do. They are bitch made while I'm here to make IWT great again. Bet on that shit.

    You all brought Aidsey back, and now you are going to pay the bill in blood. Get the fuck out of my home.
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