Storyline An Interview with Corey Marcus

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  1. *Jerry, the interview guy is walking into The Happy Place with Dunkin Donuts, camera man follows him*

    Camera Guy: This place is weird, did he really say to bring him coffee?

    Jerry: Yeah, he was like "Bring me a mocha or no interview"

    *They keep walking until they see Marcus sitting in a chair in the middle of the room looking down at the ground*

    Jerry: Errr..... Mr.Marcus?

    *Corey looks up*

    Corey: Did you bring me a mocha?

    *Jerry gives Corey the mocha, Corey takes a sip, smiles*

    Corey: Let us begin then, welcome to my Happy Place, talk...

    Jerry: Okay ummm Corey this is our first interview with you here in IWT you have had 2 matches, both critcally acclaimed, first one you lost, second one you won, let's talk about the first one with Reagan Cole first, the match was still very close but Cole got away with the victory, what's your opinion on him?

    Corey: Reagan is just very strong, he knew what he was doing and he got away with the win. I tried to ruin him but I failed at that, he refused to accept my perspectives as truth and well what do you know? He got the W. I must say after enough time to think about this British man I must say maybe he does know the path to Know Hope. Know with a K and W to clarify that for you. Hope he takes that as a compliment but he must know when you work with me, I don't like to stop until I got more wins over him then he has over me. So right now I wish him the best of luck, i'll be waiting to meet him in the ring again.

    Jerry: Alright, now onto the second match, the one that you got the win, the World Class superstar Will Savat. He claims he let you win but based off footage and your perspective, it appears you did officially beat him. Your first victory against a man who has been around the world, and at a pay per view none the less, how was that?

    Corey: Savat is just a fucker, he isn't the best in the world, and he wants to forget about me apparently, this guy is now making cryptic promos himself who appear to be cuter than mine. If he wants to forget about me fine, but he is going to stare at his IWT record, he's going to notice that 1 on the right side of his record and think for a minute, if he is the best in the world.... why is that there? Would he want to have a 1 on his loss record or a 0? He's never going to live it down, he can ignore me all he wants and say he let me win but he's wrong, I pinned him, I WON. If he wants to face me again, please come at me and try to beat me, i'd like to see more. But right now, this rivalry is dormant and will remain like that until he pulls his head out of his ass.

    Jerry: Ok, now um last piece of business, Dylan Gray, your most recent encounter and looks to be your next target, what's up with that?

    Corey: I hate this guy, he's a **** going around who is constantly getting beat and acts all demented like he is a copy of me, and he has been here longer than me. This man is a colorless brat, he's lost in this world and has nothing to stand for. He is making himself sound like Will Savat's buddy too because he needs help, but he's getting help from a loser. If anything this Dylan guy should be looking up to me. I know a guy who walked around thinking he had something to prove once. Let's say he had a lot of issues, but the point is, he never got it, just like Dylan. So when he is ready he can meet me in the ring and i'll show him how close his glass house to is breaking. And that's a fact.

    *Sips coffee again*

    Corey: Ok we are done, pleasure...

    Jerry: Thanks Corey

    *Jerry walks away, segment ends with Corey drinking his Mocha*​