An Interview with The Challenger

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  1. The camera cuts to an area in the AMW backstage. A female interviewer is there, smiling brightly into the camera.

    Interviewer: Hi, my name is Alyssa Davis, and I will be interviewing one of the challengers for the AMW US title. Please welcome him at this time.

    A man wearing a button up shirt (unbuttoned), with nothing underneath showing off his 8 pack walks into the scene. He smirks and runs his hand through his brown hair.

    "Why thank you for the warm welcome Alyssa... My name is Kenny... Kenny Robinson. I am a male model, an all American athlete and most importantly your future US champion. It doesn't matter who you put me against I will defeat them.

    He smiles cockily into the camera and shakes his pecs, only a small amount of it is visible due to his shirt.

    Alyssa: Well then, do you have any words for your opponents?

    Kenny: it doesn't matter who my opponents are, beautiful... None of them stand a chance. Nobody is strong enough, smart enough, and most importantly attractive enough to compete with me... I see the way you are looking at me... I know what you want.

    Alyssa takes a step back, shocked and also embarassed. She shakes her head.

    Kenny: Oh, I know exactly what you want.

    Kenny removes his shirt, revealing his toned body. He smiles proudly as the interviewer seems to be taken aback.

    Kenny: Ah, you like what you see. Just like the opponent's sisters, mothers, and even girlfiend's of my opponents do. They don't know it, but secretly they hide a collection of my pictures under their bed, and every night just dream of having this beautiful man. Now you...

    He turns to her

    Kenny: You are lucky.

    He pulls her in closer as she begins saying no repeatedly. He puts his hand over her mouth, and says "shhh". He slowly plants a kiss on her and backs up. She suddenly pauses and stares at him.

    Kenny: Look at her. Speechless. This is going to be the reaction of all the women in the arena when I enter. Now... where were we?

    Kenny turns around and lifts her up. Instead of fighting like before, she just goes along with him. He holds her up in front of the camera.

    Kenny: Please turn the cameras off. I wouldn't like for my opponents to be aroused before my match at the sight of my perfect body. The US title... will be mine.

    Kenny walks off with the interviewer in his arms as the scene ends.
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