Storyline An Interview With Twin Brothers Turns Chaotic

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  1. "Hello, I am Renee Young, And I am here seated with two men who are in the wrestling business but do not co-exist in anyway. It was very difficult to get them here folks. Please welcome The Prince Of Dark Despair Aiden Ryan. And The Misfit Himself Parker Ryan. "

    The Camera zooms out to focus in on both men sitting across from each-other.

    "Now! Most of you do not know Parker Ryan but he is not apart of this company, He is from an indie wrestling promotion and has come to visit us here. Now when we found out about Parker was around when Extreme Rules was booking for their huge pay per view. Aiden was not featured in this year's Extreme Rules but made an appearance by helping out Pain from a vicious attack after the triple threat match which Frie Won. The men that attacked Pain were masked which has caused eyebrow's to rise and suspicion flared within the locker-room of the X Division. Now what make's this moment even more spectacular, Aiden Ryan and Pain have vowed to place both those masked men through a table, Granted if they find out who they are.

    This is a side of Aiden that most fans have been awaiting for and it seems as if he's newest alliance The Order Of The Night have boosted he's confidence to the point where Aiden feels that he can be in control for once. He can choose he's battles and possibly win them.

    "Now with that out of the way, We have caught up on who Aiden Ryan is but we haven't quite known who Parker Ryan is. Now Parker Ryan is from an indie wrestling promotion and is looking to make it big just like he's twin brother here, So Parker why don't you tell us a little bit about who you are and your past with Aiden.

    "Thank You, Renee. My Name is Parker. I was born in Melbourne Australia but i am now residing in L.A. My Brother and I have been wrestling fanatics ever since we could talk. Aiden Ryan started out as a professional fanboy. He followed IWT around like a lost dog and would watch every single show, In the same exact seat until eventually talent relations found him, They gave him a chance to prove that he was bette..."

    "I thought this was suppose to be about you?"

    Aiden Sits there with a nasty smirk on he's face.

    "Oi! Don't you have any more pills to pop to "stabilize" your mental "stability?"

    Aiden pushes the chair away from him and stands over the table glaring down at he's twin

    "What're you gonna do, Mate!"

    Parker Responds pushing he's chair away. Aiden stands there shooting daggers with he's eyes. Both men standing there in silence.

    "Huh! Aiden!" He growls placing he's hand on Aiden's face.

    Aiden Aggressively slaps the hand of Parker's away.

    "Don't put your hands on me, Punk!"

    "What're you gonna do then!?"

    "Don't put your hands on me!"

    "Or What!"

    "You don't want it!"

    "Don't want what, Aiden! What are you gonna do? Are you going to black out on me and go "Crazy!" Are you going to sit in the center of that ring and cry about how you don't want to go home. Are you going to fight the doctors that are trying to help you!? What do you think you're doing with your life! You really think The Order Of The Night are going to protect you!?"

    Parker forcefully flips the table to the side of the room causing Renee to remove herself from her seat.


    Parker starts screaming in the face of Aiden, Showing no sign of Intimidation Aiden looks away from Parker.

    "Gentleman, I must ask you to sit down or I am going to have to call security."

    Renee pleads with the two men.

    Parker Grabs Aiden by he's jaw.

    "Looks at me when I'm talking to you!"

    Aiden's reflexes kick in and he pushes Parker as far away as he can. The shove aggravates the other brother as he throws a hard slap into the face of Aiden. Receiving a huge boo reaction from the fans.

    "You Suck!"

    The Fans chant as Aiden presses he's hand towards the cheek that was slapped.

    "This isn't right, Someone has to put an end to this interview before it get's any mor.." Before the commentator can finish he's sentence Aiden throws a hard slap back in the face of Parker.

    Parker looks up at Aiden only to receive a nasty tackle from him, The fans jump up in excitement as the two brother's brawl in the interview section. "Somebody Get some help!" Renee Pleads as the men burst through the door into the hallway. "Woah Hey!" Some of the other wrestlers yell as the two brother's crash into the cement wall. "Get Him, Aiden!" A voice yell's out as Parker throws Aiden face first into the cement wall.

    "Ladies and gentleman, We will be right back after this break!"

    As The Commercials End The Show Returns.

    "COME HERE!" Aiden Screams as Parker runs through the curtains. He tries to run down the ramp only to have he's leg's tackled by Aiden. Parker's chin comes crashing down onto the metaled ramp causing him to roll around in pain. "Get up! COME ON!" Aiden yells in a fit of rage lifting Parker up by he's neck.

    "I'm going to send you back to your indie promotion and send a message to any wrestling promotion that wishes to hire you! I'm sure they wouldn't want to hire a clone of Aiden Ryan, They want the real thing and not even DNA can sum that up! You're pathetic"

    "This is a side of Aiden that I don't like seeing." One commentator states. "I agree, Obviously he's new medications are not working for him"

    Aiden pulls Parker into a headlock and gives himself a little bit of elevation and plants Parker with a tornado DDT. "Oh My... G... Stop this, Someone need's to get out there and stop this!"

    Aiden Sits up and looks at he's twin who is indeedly injured from this brawl.
    Aiden lifts himself to he's feet and stands over Parker with a unsatisfied look.

    "You'll never be me..."

    The Camera fades to black.​
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