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    *After a commercial break, Alexander Hightower is standing in the ring with a microphone in his hand*

    Who won that Young Lion's Cup match at IWTMania, again? Oh that's right, I did. Just like I told all of you I was going to, I made Chris Young tap out in the middle of this ring, I guess those championships in the minor league don't really mean much when you're facing somebody like me, do they, Chris, Lux, the other guy? I'm not here to talk about IWTMania, though. I'm here to---

    *Hightower is cut off by the crowd with a loud "WHAT?"*

    Let me talk, you blithering idiots.

    *The crowd don't listen though and just keep chanting*

    Speaking of blithering idiots, though, I've been informed that somebody wants to face me in a match... Who? I'm not really sure, who would want to to face me? The inaugural Young Lion's Cup winner, the best wrestler in IWT, the great Alexander Highcastle? Let's get to the reason I'm out here, though. I'm here to invite said person to this ring, I'm sure they won't actually accept, though. I wouldn't either if I were them, to be fair, I am Alexander Highcastle.

    You know who you are, get out here if you want to, I don't really care.

    *Hightower motions for them to come to the ring, walks backwards into one of the turnbuckles, and waits*


  2. *As the death tone plays, Schizo walks out from the back, looks around and then sits down on the stage. He runs his hands through his hair, pulling a lock of hair through his teeth before speaking*

    You speak of accolades as if they mean something that they don't. Trophies, titles, prizes mean something though. They tell anyone about what you've done in the past, but the past becomes a story. You won the inaugural Lion's Cup, but what does that really mean? What does that tell me about you? It tells me a story and that's all it really is, a short story from your past.

    Can a Lion's Cup help you in the ring when a deranged lunatic tries to take off your head? Well? Can it?

    THE ANSWER IS YES! It can help you, but only if you're willing to smash it over my head. And to be honest with you, I could use a good head smashing. But we both know you won't do that. You won't destroy it because you rely on it to tell your story. That trophy tells a story. It tells a story that you are happy to tell.

    But you see, I am not interested in hearing that story. I prefer making my own story. And I'm going to make quite the story with you IWT Survival. It'll be a cautionary tale, something that parents will tell their children while they lay safely in bed. They'll tell their children not to talk to strangers and not to give quarter to psychopaths. And they will scare their children. They will scare their children by telling the story I will make out of you, and tell them about your mangled body and your massacred face..and when the story is done, when it's been described in detail what you look like, the children...they will never talk to strangers... they will cross the street to avoid the crazy people. They will do this because they don't want to end up the mangled and broken mess that you will be.

    Your trophy tells a heroic story, that I won't deny. But our match will tell a horror story that will even give Charles Manson nightmares. And I think that's the story people will remember. Because your bloody and broken body will be my trophy. It will tell my story a lot better and a lot more effective than your trophy tells anyone anything about you.

    And the story will be told for ages.

    *Schizo rocks back and forth before leaving while the death tone plays one more time*