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  1. The titantron suddenly shows something outside of the IWT arena. A beach, at night with the moon being a crescent. The camera that shows this feed pans over the beautiful ocean, the sounds of waves crashing coats the sound of the arena. The camera stops on the shore, the appearance of Ami wearing his attire is shown. It has one minor change, instead of the red on his clothing, it is replaced with blue yet it still retains the rest being black.


    "The night time on the beach, such beauty and calm." Ami speaks calmly, looking out to the ocean as his back is to the camera. "IWT as of late has been as calm as the current beach I am standing at... and that does not please me. IWT is to be the top of the mountain when it comes to fighting and challenges, so I'll make this short and to the point." Ami stops speaking, and lifts his right hand beside his head. He snaps his finger, suddenly the titantron shutting off with all the lights in the arena turning off.

    Four candles are lit in the ring, one on each corner as Ami is shown standing in the ring. The crowd is quiet as he holds a microphone close to his face. "To break the silence and end the night of peace. To enter the day of fighting and erupt this crowd. That is what I am here to do, and I will do this by once again challenging anybody in IWT, or even FSW if it is allowed. Come onto this ring and let us engage in combat. I know there those that hunger for a fight, much like myself. Come and let us feed on combat." Ami drops the microphone to the ground, the lights coming back on as the light from the candles disappear.
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  2. Red and Black strobe lights bounce off the arena walls as China White by Scorpions echoes loudly. Michael walks out to a pop, sadly only a fraction of what Marcus Anthony receives. He walks down mid ramp before the Red and Black strobe lights fade away and return back to their preset lighting fixtures. China White begins to fade by the time Michael has rolled into the ring. He receives a microphone and he begins to speak.

    Michael: Ami, you're 100% right on point when it comes to the IWT as of late. It's been dead, it's feet have dropped into the grave and The Franchise, the Work Horse will not allow the IWT to go down with what? A no show victory for Michael. I'm sick and tired of the child's play in the IWT, from dildo flinging cowards to drunkards claiming they're the greatest. The true greatest in the IWT are the ones who will walk into a battle and walk out with one thing in mind and that's the simple fact of waking another day to fight another battle. Not the fame and fortune that comes with being an IWT superstar. The Franchise doesn't like the way the IWT has been heading as of late, I'd like to think that inside that jerk circle they call the IWT Staff room, the bozos jerking Trip and Jonathan are actually planning on something big. The IWT needs a Match of the Year and I'm sure The Franchise and Ami can accomplish just that.

    Michael roams the ring staring at the titantron and Ami.

    Michael: The one thing that I learned in the last few weeks of the worst slump the IWT has seen in months, probably ever. Was that the more you push yourself to put on a show the less people will give a damn about you. From this day forward, I will not step into an IWT ring for a match if it isn't an Uprising or PPV. My value has been dismissed for far too long in Dark Matches, I'm here to answer your challenge but not in some random Dark Uprising.

    Michael holds the microphone down...
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  3. Ami bring the microphone to his lips, speaking once more to reply to the acceptance, "If that is what you wish. Then our battle shall take place at Uprising as mentioned. Don't expect just a simple battle when you step into the ring, we shall create a war zone in here. I shall withdraw anymore words in this ring, and reserve them for when we meet here once more, face to face." Ami then drops the microphone to the floor bringing his hands together, holding only a small space in between them. He claps his hands twice, with the lights beginning to shine brightly. The titantron seems to malfunction a bit, as the arena seems to go into chaos. Everything shuts off for merely two seconds, before returning to normal. Ami, gone once more with the microphone in the center of the ring with a lit candle beside it.
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