Storyline An Open Challenge

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  1. The crowd is buzzing following IWTMania. They're cheering and chanting "IWT"
    Suddenly the lights go out and the crowd cheers.

    "GTFO" by Makeshift blasts over the speakers and the crowd and the crowd sends out a mixture of both cheers and boos. Not knowing what to think based on what happened last time Braeden Cross showed up. Cross walks out and there are more cheers than boos. Cross is wearing street clothes and has a microphone in his right hand. He stops on the stage. His music stops

    Braeden Cross: How'd we all find that?
    The crowd roars with cheers and chants for IWT
    Braeden Cross: Shut the fuck up! This is my time to speak!
    The crowd boos and chants "IWT" even louder just to piss Cross off.
    Braeden Cross: Obviously the "great" state of Texas knows nothing of class.
    The crowd ceases with the IWT chants and starts chanting "shut the fuck up"
    Braeden Cross: You stay classy Austin, Texas. Now, for the reason why I graced you all with my presence this evening. I came out here to send a message to the IWT roster.
    Cross begins walking down the ramp and to the ring
    Braeden Cross: You see, I'm a loner, I hate damn near everyone and everything, there's one thing I don't hate though, and that is a fight. There's nothing better than the thrill you get from kicking some motherfucker's head so hard they start to bleed. And if there's one reason I came here, it's for a fucking FIGHT!
    Cross walks up the ring steps and stops to look at some fans jeering him.
    Braeden Cross: Oh, you want to fight me fatboy?
    Cross jumps off the apron and walks over to the fan he called out.
    Braeden Cross: You think you can go toe to toe with me? Security, let this fat fuck over the barricade so he can see what it's like to get his head kicked in by a REAL man! Actually, you know what? Don't do that, because then IWT will have a lawsuit, I'll get charged with assault and I won't have my haven to fight in.
    Cross turns around and rolls into the ring.
    Braeden Cross: Fat fucks that yell shit out at me aside, The reason I came out here, is to put IWT on notice. I'll fight anyone at any time. I'm hereby issuing an open challenge to anyone who thinks they have the balls to step in the ring with me.
    The crowd erupts with a cheer and chants "fight"
    Braeden Cross: That's right, IWT! ANY ONE! ANY TIME! I'LL FIGHT YOU AND I'LL KICK YOUR ASS!
    Cross drops the mic and GTFO resumes playing as Cross exits the ring, flipping off the fan he confronted minutes before and begins walking up the stage.

  2. A weird message plays on the titantron before the all to familiar man appears.
    Asmodeus - "Your soul will be mine."
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    Cross stops on the stage when the weird message plays.
    When the weird message plays, Cross looks around flabbergasted. He turns around walks back into the ring and grabs the mic he dropped in the ring.

    Braeden Cross: Alright, first off who the fuck are you? You want my soul? You're gonna have to KILL ME to get it you demonic son of a bitch!
    Cross enters a fit of rage, dropping the mic, ripping his shirt and picks the mic back up.
    Braeden Cross: YOU WANT TO FUCKING FIGHT! I dare you to step into this ring and fight me like a man!
    Cross drops the mic and braces himself for a fight.
    Braeden Cross: BRING IT!
    Cross raises his hands and pulls them towards him twice.