Storyline An Oral History - The Return

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    March 15, 2014

    "Hey, what are you guys doing? I'm not insane!!"

    3 orderlies are strapping a man into a strait-jacket and a mask similar to Hannibal Lecter's.. The door opens and in walks a female doctor with long legs and a short skirt.. she walks up to the restrained patient.

    "Hello there.. my name is Dr. Jessica Ashworth, I will be your physician during your stay in this fine establishment."

    The unknown man speaks.. "What the hell am I doing here? I was in a hotel room and I just woke up here. What's going on?!"

    Dr. Ashworth responds.. "You were reported by the prostitutes at the hospital after they left you.. they said you wanted oral.. but not in the way most want it."

    April 14, 2014

    The asylum cafeteria is buzzing today.. the patients are restless. The sounds of trays hitting tables fills the air. A man sits in solitude at a table in the corner.. it seems no one wants to approach him.

    Dr. Ashworth walks in and sits across from the man.. "How are you today?"

    "I would be better if you would remove the mask so that I can eat!" responds the man.

    Dr. Ashworth calls an orderly over.. "Remove the mask but stay very close." The orderly removes the mask and backs 2 inches away.

    "Still don't trust me sweet doctor?" the man asks as he puts a spoonful of food into his mouth.

    "Should I trust you?" the doctor asks in return.

    The man then lunges over the table and tries to stick the straight end of the spoon into the doctor's neck.
    5 orderlies jump on him and throw him to the ground.. they put his mask back on and put him back into the strait-jacket.

    The doctor stands, still clearly shaken and rubbing her neck.. she waves her hand and the orderlies take the man away.

    May 16, 2014

    A crackling sound is heard followed by a scream.. almost like a bellow. Dr. Ashworth's voice is then heard.."Did I not warn you?! First the attack in the cafeteria and then stabbing a fellow patient! You are doing nothing to prove that you are not insane!"

    As we see into the room the man is strapped to a table.. the doctor is next to his head and has what looks like head phones in her hand.. she places them onto the man's temples and waves to the orderly. The orderly reaches over and turns a dial on the machine next to him and the crackling sound starts once again.. followed by a menacing scream as the man's body convulses and seizes on the table.

    June 19, 2014

    Doctor Ashworth is sitting behind the desk in what is, presumably, her office. A man is sitting in a chair in front of her desk.

    "How are you feeling Mr. Clark?" the doctor asks. "I'm feeling much better Jessica.. thank you for awakening my true self." The man says.. we now see that this is the same man.. but somehow changed. He no longer has the mask or the strait-jacket.

    "Good to hear Mr. Clark.. I have arranged for the board to consider your release in about 1 month's time." the doctor says.

    "That is perfectly fine Jessica.. thank you again. May I head back to my room now?" he asks.

    "Of course you may." she says as she waves an orderly over. Mr. Clark gets up from his seat and walks with the orderly out of the office and down the hallway.

    July 19, 2014

    The lobby of the asylum is empty except for the receptionist behind a small counter. A door opens and out walks Dr. Ashworth with Mr. Clark close behind.

    "We are set to release Mr. Clark.. please hand me the paperwork." Dr. Ashworth addresses the receptionist. The short middle aged lady rolls back her chair slightly and pulls open a file drawer. "Here we are Dr. Ashworth.. I do believe everything is in order.. and good luck to you Mr. Clark." the receptionists says, winking at Mr. Clark.

    He nods and turns away from her and toward the doctor. "Am I free to go Dr. Ashworth?" he asked her.

    "You are free Mr. Clark.. thank you for allowing me to serve you this past few months.. I look forward to hearing of your progress." She says.

    He turns and walks toward the door.. as he exits he pulls out his phone and begins to tap the touch screen.. looking at his face you see the beginning of a slight grin.

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