An Order From A Prince, A Prince To Be The Ordered.

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  1. Michael Cole Smirks as the camera switches back to him.
    "Ladies and Gentleman, I am Michael Cole and I am the soul reason as to why Aiden Ryan left this arena in an ambulance. I am the soul reason to why Trevor Raynor will win at uprising, Because Aiden Ryan is no more. You see what I stated to Aiden Ryan is the truth, He is nothing more then a male slut. A confused individual to which he doesn't know his own emotions, doesn't know wither he is happy or sad, if he likes male or females. Hell he doesn't even know his own name!

    And yet all of you people applaud him, you encourage him to be himself and push through the negativity that has been placed upon him. This is not a nut house, Ladies and Gentleman.... This is a wrestling promotion... ONE OF THE biggest promotions in wreslting history and yet you all sit there and applaud psychopathic characters like Aiden Ryan. And I use the term character because all Aiden is, is a character, a pathetic one at that. He is fake and you all sit there and think that you can all relate to his pain.

    If you want to know who Aiden Ryan truly is, Then re-watch the interview to where I call him exactly what he is... A Slut... A Home Wrecker... A Failed Excuse of a human being... and most importantly... the one thing that has been left out... The Artist once refereed to him this way...

    A Wasted Talent.... A Bitc.."

    The Arena erupts with a roaring cheer as the howling echo's through-out the arena.
    Michael Cole grabs the top rope behind him as the attendants bash their hands on top of the barricade
    Appearing on the screen is a hand swinging a bat round and round in a slow format.
    The Camera zooms in on his wrist which is tapped, but blood sheering through displays a patch that is hardly easy to miss.

    "Only This... And Nothing More."
    Aiden's voice whispers as the fans louder erupt.

    The Lights shut off...
    "Or-der... Or-der"
    The Fans begin to chant as the lights beam back on.
    Aiden Ryan is shown standing face to face with Michael Cole.
    Aiden Perks As Michael throws a vicious slap into the face of Aiden.
    He then tries to flea outside the ring only to see a bunch of dark hooded men surrounding the ring.
    He looks back at Aiden who throws a nasty roundhouse to the midsection of Michael.
    Dragging him through the middle rope Aiden then hooks Michael Cole's neck in a headlock.
    "This is for you, Trevor!"
    Aiden points to the camera as he as his mouth opens a loud, howl echo's again as he lifts himself up and plants Michael Cole with an implant DDT. Pushing Michael Back over Aiden hovers his body over Michael and looks directly into his eyes.
    "Are you okay, Michael!?"
    Aiden Smiles slapping the cheeks of Michael Cole.
    Aiden Laughs lifting himself off of Michael Cole.
    Standing over Michael Cole Aiden then runs his fingers across his stomach and nods.
    "The Prince shall retrieve his crown."
    He Mouths as the lights shut off.

    OOC (open)
    Showing A Little Respect To Aiden's Roots heading into Uprising.
    @Nickelodeon @Trip in the Head @TheArabHammer

    Also adding some detail to my match with @Trevor~ as i am really excited to be able to work with him.

    Hope you all enjoyed!

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  2. *Kid is shown Backstage with a disapointed look on his Face*
    Kid: assaulting a commentator now.....and in Pains eyes thats supposed to be Fun?....
    *Kid sighs as the screen Fades to black*
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