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  1. Michael comes out onto the stage to a chorus of boos. He is wearing a navy blue silk suit, salmon tie and white dress shoes. His hair is slicked back and his beard is combed out. He marches down the to the ring and walks up the steel steps. He walks over to the bottom left turnbuckle and climbs it and raises both arms and tilts his head back. He is met with a barrage of camera flashes and boos. He steps down, wipes his feet and enters the ring. He walks over and grabs the microphone from a ringside worker.

    Michael: You know, for the last several days I've been hearing nothing but utter shit from a couple of ass-backward doofuses. I've decided that I'm done with them. I've decided that these are my last words on the subject of these guys. After getting all that off my chest, I've realized that I've been driving in the wrong lane. I've lived for a philosophy, where, if I was satisfied then all things were right. I've disregarded what the fans wanted. I've disregarded what the locker room wanted, and decided to do what I wanted. I wanted the money, the fame, the glory and the reputation. I got the money, the fame, the glory and the reputation. But it isn't what I thought it was. I thought it would make life that much greater, but it just made me miserable. I was closer to retiring than ever before. I was walked a fine line to a downwards spiral.

    The crowd boos but Michael laughs it off.

    Michael: Y'know, I don't even mind the boos. I deserve it, at this point. But when I announced my intentions to join the Tag Team Revival Tournament I had one thing, in mind. I was going to use this tournament to shed that personality. I was going to shed the hate within me. I was going to shed the corruption and be reborn. I was so sick and tired of what I had become. I went from a hard-working boss to an egomaniac that cared more about getting his personal interest than anything else. So I went about and looked for someone that can help me revive my true spirit. I went about and found someone that could do just that, and hopefully you all can see that I've changed. I've contacted this man, to help me, and to help himself. Who is he? See for yourself...

    Michael points at the curtain.
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    *The crowd pops HUGE once they see the face of the IWT Hall of Famer appear on the titantron along with the new theme that plays through the arena. The crowd continues to cheer and hope that it is really Joey Bryant that is about to walk onto the stage. At 0:20 seconds of the song, the camera cuts to Michael in the ring who has a big smile on his face as he listens to the crowd cheer loud as he stares at the stage. At 0:34 seconds of the theme, out walks... JOEY BRYANT. He's really here! The crowd pops huge once again as Joey slowly walks out onto the stage with a smirk on his face, wearing a fancy black suit with sunglasses on.*

    Show Spoiler

    *He stands at the top of the stage and points to all the fans and soaks in all the cheers. He walks down the ramp slowly with a smile on his face still and rolls in the ring. He goes up to MIchael and shakes his hand and they both exchange words real quick before Joey grabs a mic from ringside. The chorus of the song hits and Joey hops up on the turnbuckle and raises his arm in the air and closes his eyes and the lights in the arena all turn a bright white.*


    *This hypes the crowd up even more as Joey keeps his arm raised for a moment but opens his eyes and the lights go back to normal. He smiles again and hops down and signals for his music to be cut. He rubs his chin with his hand and chuckles a bit and then pats Michael on the back and raises the mic.*

    "Now I....."

    *"JOEY BRYANT!" clap clap clap clap clap "JOEY BRYANT" clap clap clap clap clap. Joey laughs and takes his glasses off and puts them in his pocket. He raises the mic again*

    "I appreciate the love, I really do. Feels damn good to see I haven't been forgotten. Now I..."

    *"WELCOME BACK! WELCOME BACK! WELCOME BACK!" the crowd chants and Joey just takes it all in this time. He claps to applaud the crowd in a way then holds up a hand to signal them to quiet down. He looks at Michael and raises the mic*

    "Well damn, looks like you're on these peoples good side now, eh?"

    *The crowd gives a mixed reaction of mostly cheers and Joey chuckles.*

    "Michael didn't say what he just said to mess with anyone. He's not trying to swerve anyone. The man is speaking the damn truth. I am back in IWT, and we are indeed tag team partners."

    *The crowd pops and Joey nods his head and shakes Michaels hand.*

    "Now I easily could have came back and did what Joey Bryant has always IWT championships."

    *He winks in the camera and smirks and the crowd cheers.*

    "But it's a new era in IWT now. I learned that first hand when I tried to return over 6 months ago. A little newcomer by the name of Bishop decided to make a statement and take me out, literally put me in the hospital for a month and a half, and the rest of the 5 months I've been rehabilitating. Working so i could really come back to the place i love and do the things I love. Bishop is probably sittin somewhere in Detroit right now watchin this thinking i'm only back because he's gone, that i've been hiding from him this whole time...couldn't be more wrong. I respect you though, man, you made your impact and you took out an IWT Hall of Famer on one of your very first nights. Can't say I wouldn't have done the same. But you're gone now. Forever. So there's nothing you can do to stop me now, little man. You want a fight? Come to the real city of Buffalo and i'll show you a fuckin fight some time."

    *The crowd cheers once again and Joey begins pacing around the ring while he talks.*

    "None of that matters now though. The oppurtunity to get my revenge may come at a later date, but tonight is about starting fresh."

    *Joey looks behind his back and all around the arena before raising the mic again*

    "I had to make sure that no one was gonna come and take me out for another 6 months real quick. But as of this moment, Joey Bryant has returned!"

    *The crowd pops and Joey nods his head. He looks down at his finger and the camera zooms in on his Hall of Fame ring. He begins to take it off his finger and the crowd sounds confused. He looks at Michael, and asks him to hold out his hand. Michael does, and Joey places the ring in his hand.*

    "I never deserved the ring, my man. Sure, I'm a 3x IWT champion and I've had many, many memorable moments here, but my journey is not over. And unlike guys like Aids Johnson, i'm only going to accept that Hall of Fame nomination when i'm 100% done with this company. And I'll tell you this, i'm not even 50% there yet."

    *The crowd cheers once again and Michael nods and puts the ring in his pocket. Joey sighs and looks around the arena and raises the mic.*

    "I've had a lot of time to sit back and just watch what's been going on in IWT these last 6 months, and all has been well honestly. Michael, you've been doing a fantastic job running the place, no doubt about that, and it seems like the talent is better than ever. I've been seein new faces, and the old faces I once knew are slowly starting to fade away. Except a few of them of course...I..W...3."

    *The crowd boos loud and Joey smirks and looks into the camera.*

    "I'm no stranger to any of you boys. And i've heard my name come out of your mouths numerous times over these last couple weeks. And Alias Antonio wasn't lyin, I called my former nemesis and I told him that I think what they're doing is wrong and an absolute disgrace to this company. He didn't care. He hung up on me after sayin a few choice words. Didn't expect much else from him to be honest. I didn't bother trying to contact Aids, cause I know he's got no answers for me, he's just the star power Dat Kid needed to watch his back when this whole thing fails. Hope you all know that this whole "IW3" thing is nothing more than Dat Kid trying to grasp the main event once again. This ain't nothin new, though! Come on now. I was once a victim of his game, usually he grabs on to the newer IWT talent that has actual potential like a pathetic leech, and he don't let go until the spotlight is back on him, and he leaves us layin in the dirt..."

    "Unforunately for him, he couldn't do that to Joey Bryant. I mean sure, the Church was dominant for 50% of 2014, and I did turn my back on you people and everyone else to follow his words, but in the end it gave me the ability to see right through him. IW3 is going to be nothing but a failure because when you put 3 giant egos together for one common goal, you end up with 3 giant egos and one failed mission."

    *Joey begins pacing around the ring again as he speaks. He pauses for a moment.*

    "My return ain't about them though. I just think it's their name is pretty damn funny. Cause while they are some of the 3 best IWT has ever seen, they are not IWT. They're forgetting names like Chris Kaizer."




    "Luis Ovaldhino."


    "Jack Forté."


    "Joey fuckin Bryant!"

    *The crowd cheers and Joey looks back into the camera.*

    "And the Bullad Club."

    *The crowd boos at the mention and Joey shakes his head and ignores them.*

    "While I don't approve of the ways they get things done, and I know you all don't either, they're fresh. They're innovative. They're powerful. They're talented. They're a force to be wreckoned with. And they aren't a a gang of dudes trying to steal the spotlight from IWT's newer talent, because well, right now they are the spotlight."

    *Mixed reaction from the crowd as Joey pauses.*

    "So that's where Michael and I come in. As I was getting ready to come back and do what I do best again, Michael gave me the suggestion of winning those shiny new tag belts. And that sounded like a perfect idea to me. First off, we'd be able to keep the titles from dudes like the IW3 and anyone else who don't deserve them, and second, well, your boy has never won tag team gold. I got more faith in Michael than anyone else probably, and the two of us never got along a few years back, but now that i've took some time away I not only know he's a great GM, but he's also a terrific all-round wrestler. He did the same thing I did years back and that was beat Aids Johnson for the IWT Title, and that's no easy feat, so i respect him for that alone. The two of us together, well shit, the possibilities are endless. If y'all didn't respect this man before, he's got the official Joey Bryant stamp of approval now, and we're gonna change the step at a time. Starting with this tag team tournament, I'm no stranger to winning tournaments, right?"

    *He smirks and the crowd cheers and Joey looks over at Michael.*

    "Ain't a team in this tournament got more momentum than us, and that's gonna carry us all the way to the finals. Ain't that right, my man"

    *He lowers the mic and gives Michael a chance to speak again.*
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  4. Michael grabs the microphone from Joey and with a large smile on his face continues.

    Michael: That's 100% right. No disrespect intended but we are on-fire. We have what it takes both in the ring and out of it to not only win the Tag Team titles, but take that division, strap it to our backs and drag it to the top of the mountain. But it won't be easy, with guys like Aldo, Knight, Storm and Bass in the tournament. But as time has shown, neither Joey or I back down and stay down, in the eyes of adversity. Joey Bryant has ascended to the throne of the IWT, more times than most others. Joey Bryant has defended that throne, more times than most. He's the fucking heart of this company. He doesn't come to fuck it up, to take the spotlight or to brag about his numbers. He comes back to fight for it. He comes back to live for it. He comes for the love of it. And myself? I was never the greatest wrestler. I was never the greatest on the mic. I was never the greatest guy, backstage. But there was one thing that I was great at, and that was giving this company some life, some color, some fun and some entertainment. I've done my fair share of stupid shit, but when it comes down to it, if it made this place better, I'd be down for another decade of stupid shit.

    Michael laughs with the crowd, but quickly resumes.

    Michael: But seriously, I've worked for almost a year to get the IWT to where it is today. I worked with a roster of 9 guys to forge a roster of 29 guys. I worked in rec centers to book stadiums. I worked with everyone to make this place great. I worked with everyone to put on a good show. I built an empire of sticks and stones and the entire IWT roster chipped in, to make it a damn castle of stone and cement. And I thank everyone of those guys, that took part in the process. I may be the soul; Joey may be the heart, but those guys are the fucking vehicle. Without them, we're virtually useless and I thank everyone of those guys that helped out. The guys that stuck around when the times got tough, the ones that came back to make IWT great. The guys that led the locker room and gave the young stars a shot to try out. The guys that trained and developed the future stars. The guys that care about the IWT, I thank you!

    The crowd begins applauding the speech and Michael stops talking to acknowledge the crowd.

    Michael: Back to the topic at hand, the IWT Tag Team Revival Tournament. We're the favorites, in my opinion. We've got the experience, the heart and the drive. We're not joining this tournament so we can add another accomplishment to our name, but to make something of the division. To make something of the titles. And, unfortunately, not a lot of those guys in the tournament think the same. This is a game to them. Just another pawn to take down before moving onto to another piece. This is just a stepping stone, but every stepping stone has it's own challenge, and we're that challenge. We are gonna make this division mean something, and if it takes blood, sweat and be it. We're laying it all on the line for this tournament, for this division, and for those titles. If anyone thinks they can stop us, I'd gladly allow them to try. But they ain't getting anywhere near those titles, and if they do, it won't be at 100% health. We're scratching and clawing and no matter what, we're going to make this division ours. That isn't a threat or a dig, that's a spoiler. I respect everyone in the tournament for trying, but they're gonna learn that they're gonna have to try, that much harder, that much longer and that much stronger to kick us out.

    Michael's face is red with anger, but he calms down as Bryant pats him on the shoulder.

    Michael: All's fair, in love and war. We're for virtue, and we love strong competition. I challenge all those in the tournament to bring their A game, but I warn everyone that it will be a wasted effort. Both myself and Bryant are ready. Both of us are the embodiment of virtue. We collectively are Virtue. We're gonna grant respect to our opponents, and we expect the same, but if they don't show us any, they'll be in for a long, painful night. Regardless of how good they think they are. Because, in the end, Virtue always prevails.
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