Storyline And I debut with a win.

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  1. *Kousaki is seen walking around in a parking lot, heading towards his Lexus. However, an interviewer turns around and wishes to talk to Nero.*

    Interviewer: Nero, earlier tonight at the Elimination Chamber we saw you beat Reagan Cole on your debuting match? Is there anything you want to say about that?

    Kousaki: Look, I already thought I addressed this earlier tonight, but I'll make it clear once more. Cole was nothing more than a simple roadblock in my quest for gold. I told everyone backstage that I wanted a match against someone big, at least a mid-carder, and what do I get stuck with? I get stuck with a jobber named Reagan Cole. Hell, even FTJ would've sufficed. After all, he somehow got the IWT Championship way back when no one cared about IWT, a win over him could've meant something more. That being said, I won my match tonight and proved everyone back home wrong. Even though I'm being forced to start from the lower mid-card, I'm sure as hell getting myself booked at the Uprising before Mania. Maybe then the bookers here can give me someone worth a challenge. If I won that match, that virtually secures me a match at Mania, imagine how insane it would be for a guy who just debuted at EC to get a match at Mania? Call me a dreamer, but I know many talents who I think I could shut up for around 3 seconds. But if I fail to do that and don't get a match at Mania..

    *Kousaki opens the door to his car and gets in, with dark silhouettes visible in the back of the car*

    Kousaki: Let's just say that I have more than just backup plans.

    *Kousaki backs up the car and drives off*
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  2. Kousaki: I'm sorry, who's the guy who hasn't won a match in ages?
  3. why are you mentioning me in this? :sad1:
  4. This is why you're not getting where you want to be, you're rude to everyone.

    Also, Awesome Job, Nero. Can't wait to see what the plans are.
  5. it funny how none of u comment at all on her post until I post that! just proves I right here! u only posted here b/c I did! and no that not reason u all hate me b/c of spelling!
  6. Not going to lie I actually giggled at Gohan's gif, it's not something he does often (post gifs/images)
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  7. Clearly being rude doesn't prevent pushes.

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  10. :notsure: Watch out Reag.... Watch out.
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