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  1. *The lights dim and one lone spotlight comes on as Alkaline walks out in his ring gear and with the black towel covering his face. The spotlight follows him as he walks to the ring and the fans boo him. He slides into the ring and stands in the middle of the ring as he slowly removes the towel from his face. He looks out at the crowd as the lights come back on and he grabs a microphone.*​
    AK: Farooq couldn't do it, the X division champion couldn't pull it off. This warhorse is going to keep marching on. Last week I stood with my hand held high and looked down at a beaten champion, one of the best this company has to offer, one of your heroes. And I proved that I belonged, that this company is making grave mistakes by freezing me out, and trying to erase my existence from this sport. But as I said, the warhorse keeps marching one to his next battle. And since this company decided to keep me off the card of the firs ever Uprising show, I've decided to take matters into my own hands once again.​
    *Crowd has a mixed reaction*​
    AK: So I'm holding another challenge to the IWT roster this weekend. Last week, I faced a champion. So I figured I'd do the company another solid this week, god knows why I keep doing this. So this goes out to anyone backstage, not holding a belt, who is just sitting on his fat ass, earning paychecks for minimal effort. Come out here, and face me this Saturday. Prove to me, prove to the rest of the locker room, prove it to the champions that you belong here. Or I'll throw your sorry ass out of here myself!​
    *Crowd pops*​
    AK: Because when I burn this company to the ground and rebuild it from the ground up, there won't be room for people riding coattails or coasting backstage. Room and opportunity will only be given to those that fight for it, and earn it. so I guess it is only fitting that I start cleaning out the garbage right now.If you beat me, you're strong and you have my respect. If I beat you I'll throw you out of the building head first.​
    *Crowd pops*​
    AK: So come on IWT, send me your heroes, send me your villains, I will prove that there is no such thing, and that only warriors, soldiers and champions exists. I will clench this mob of peons, and reshape it into a legion. I am king of this jungle, and only the strong survive.​
    *Alkaline stands in the ring, waiting for someone to accept his challenge*​

  2. Suddenly a blast of pyro erupts, and the lights dim for the first 20 seconds before Aids Johnson comes out, to a Crowd showing displeasure as the boos seem to outweigh the cheers in the arena.

    Aids is wearing a blue suit, wearing sunglasses inside like the asshole he is. He walks down to the ring, as Alkaline appears less than interested in what he is doing here tonight.

    *Aids walks into the ring, and adjust Alkalines hand to be holding the mic in place to talk, before AK moves it, dropping it to the floor. Aids Johnson laughs and Puts his fingers right next to AK's chest before moving them up to his face, before giving a nice cocky "blue meanie" dance movement, adjusting himself before he walks to the side and grabs a mic. He drops his briefcase on Alkalines toes, sending him back a step or two before starting his business.

    You, have run through everyone? What kind of champion are you? *Aids has the music still playing, as fans dance/jeer to him as he laughs with Alkaline in the ring, serious faced as can be.

    Do you know who i am? Of course you do. We have a clause, stating we cannot fight each other. I am greater than you, and it was the luckiest day of your life when Dat Kid obliged to your crying (Crowd chants "Aids is pussy")

    Of course i am. I am in your girlfriend, ive been in your mother, and ill be in your younger sister as soon as she hits the 18th marker. (Crowd boo) You all should be thanking me for being here! I am here to make things right. You and me, my first title defense. (crowd boo as alkaline laughs, making shots at the briefcase not being a belt)
    But you think you are better than me. Aids the Greatest of all time. Aids the God. Aids the man who put IWT on the mark. MR Wrestlemania (crowd cheer) Mr money in the bank (crowd mix) and Mr IWT (Crowd boos in succession, one side overshadowing the other as they all continue to boo)

    Thats right, Mr IWT. You are bored without talent? I have a wonderful idea. We have a new show coming up, and i have been put into a handicap match. What I suggest, is we tag, then face each other. You and i will destroy The dazzle and his Shannon, and then face one another. *Aids steps into Alkalines face* What do you say? I know seabs would have accepted, but he is too bad being overmedicated in the hospital, on his boyfriends insurance.

    AIds extends his hands to alkaline.
  3. *Alkaline looks at Aids hand.*

    AK: I've made deals with devils before, and I have always come out singed. But what the hell, my soul is already black enough. I'll help you take care of your "problem" at Uprising Aids. And if you can convince Dat Kid to lift the no contact clause. I'll kick your nose and eyes so far into your cranium that it will be considered an improvement compared to how it currently looks.

    *Alkaline stares at Aids, as the crowd both boo and cheer both men.*
  4. *Aids laughs and pretends to pat AK on the shoulder, before pretending to use a cane/stumble all over the ring, before he states to AK (without the mic) "That pussy wont be out here anytime soon, IWT cant afford to get his crippled ass a scooter. You think he walks where he is going"

    Aids moves back into place, setting up AK And Aids standing face to face, eye to eye.
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  5. Right, might as well use this as the glorified PA system it is.

    Paging Mr. Dat Chocolate From Jersey , you are wanted at ringside. Get your ass out here.
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  6. *Dat Kid limps out to the stage with a now steel cane in his hand*​
    People are going to learn to handle business in the back instead of doing things in public. You two idiots do realize that's what my office is for. You know I bet the both of you are thinking that I'm going to say "fuck you Aids, eat a dick", but I'm not. I'm actually going to give you guys exactly what you want. I will remove the no contact rule...*crowd pops*​
    Under one condition however. You two can have your little fantasy team, but when you two face off...the loser of that match will have to become an employee of Dat Kid for one entire month. No IWT contract, you work for me for the entire month and if you disobey a single one of my will be fired on the spot!​
    You wanna kick the cane out of my hand and attack my men, there's my terms. Take it or leave it, otherwise you'll be flying solo at Uprising Aids.​
    Alkaline, how about you make a deal with the real devil​
  7. Aids cuts off Dat kid abrupty before he can continue.

    Your employee? For a month? I'd like to think we are above that.

    I'll tell you what. As long as Suicide beats Senhor, i dont see a reason not to say yes. Now WHEN one of us wins, and Senhor beats will be our manager for a month, forced to come out to ringside as we entertain the people.

    If AK/I win and Suicide wins, we are employed by you for an entire month. When one of us wins, and Suicide loses, you become manager of a 3rd IWT star, and it won't be fun, it wont be pretty, but it certainly will be funny.

    What say you? I could use a cripple on my side, i know it will cater to these whore's emotions (Crowd massive boo)
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  8. What you offered Dat Kid did sound interesting if risky. But what this walking sleazebag suggested sound sway more interesting and entertaining.

    Hell even if you'd say no I'd take this douchebag out to a bar and fight him there if I had to. So come on black Gandalf. You got a set of balls on you to go with the cricket bat?
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  9. *Dat Kid looks scared out the counter offer, he limps away towards the curtains. The crowd boos, but Kid stops short of the curtain. Dat Kid appears to be crying as his back is turned to the ring, but the camera pans around to see Dat Kid laughing hysterically*

    The both of you are fucking idiots. Senhor Perfect? That old relic? If that's the best you got I feel sorry for you. Aids you're on. I will look forward to having one of you guys as my personal bitch! Oh and by the way, I like the crusts cut off my PB & J sandwiches. *Dat Kid limps to the back laaughing*
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  11. *Senhor appears on the Titantron sitting in Kids office with his feet on the desk*

    This is a mighty cushy place you've got here. If we get rid of the smell of weed and shit this might be a great place for Aids and I to hang out with his ladies of the night. Deep inside that froed head of yours you know your boy doesn't have what it takes to beat me, and on top of that Aidsey could win his match without breaking a sweat. I can't wait till I have you picking up after me and washing my dirty underwear.

    *Senhor then horks a huge disgusting loogie on Kids desk*

    Enjoy that!
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