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  1. The arena goes black as The Order of Night's theme blares through the sound system and the crowd erupts in a roar of cheers and boos. Marcus Anthony walks out to the top of the ramp with his signature sleeveless hoody with the hood up over his head and walks down the ramp his head down looking at the ramp as he walks down. Once he gets to the ring steps he pulls the hood over his head back and let's out a primal scream and runs up the steps and jumps in the ring. He walks to the center of the ring and pounds the mat with his right fist to a bright white pyro going off blinding the arena. He then walks over and grabs a mic from the time keeper

    Marcus: I know I've been away for a little while and I'm sure you've been wondering as to why my absence happened so suddenly. Well....*Marcus smirks* when the night comes calling we have no choice but to answer. And answer I did. I realized on my time away that as much as I'd like time as the leader of The Order of Night won't last forever but the legacy I leave will. So...I had to look towards the future. I had to ready some individuals who had been lost on their way to fulfilling their destinies. Those that were lost because they couldn't show their TRUE selves. Some had come to me, looking for the night's cold embrace. Others *Marcus starts to laugh* had to have their lights turned out. In the end they are ALL BETTER FOR IT. I think it's quite funny that these other groups of individuals have no idea what being in this group means. All they see is people who think banding together means they couldn't garner success on their own. The bigger the Night grows, the more we cover and consume. It's only a matter of time before the IWT belongs to the darkness. brothers come down and claim your place in the night

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  2. *A camera in the back shows Trip in the Head scouring the back for the newest members of the Order of Night. The look on his face is anything but pleased. He pushes one camera man out of the way as he walks by, grumbling to himself*
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    *Trip in the Head rounds a corner with a camera fast in pursuit and The British Kid is seen working on getting the straitjacket off from Aiden Ryan in the parking lot. Trip grunts and points with a finger and Fenris appears, seemingly from the shadows, and growls viciously at British Kid as the wolf runs towards him. British Kid is caught by suprise but reacts fast enough to dodge the wolf's attack. The wolf turns towards him and continues to growl, showing its teeth. Tiny bits of saliva falling from its lips. The British Kid thinks about it for a second and then takes a couple of slow steps backwards, the wolf snapping at him as he begins each step. He then turns and runs off in the direction Reagan and the doctors went. Trip reaches Ryan as he is just beginning to recover from the attack. Trip nods at Fenris and the wolf dissapears into the night as quickly and as mysteriously as it appeared. Trip kneels down and lifts up Aiden Ryan onto his shoulder, like he was a sack of potatoes, and turns to head back into the arena. The cameras follow Trip all the way through the backstage area and back to the curtain*

    Camera Change

    *Trip in the head emerges from the curtain and makes his way to the ring, Aiden Ryan still slung over his shoulder. The crowd is in shock from seeing the attack just happen and the way that Trip has been handling the aftermath. "He should be going to the hospital!" one fan yells at them, but Trip ignores him. "What's wrong with you!?" another fan yells. Trip gets to the ring and rolls Aiden into the ring under the bottom rope. Trip walks up the stairs, enters the ring, walks over to Marcus's side and borrows his mic*

    TRIP: Arise Aiden. Show them they cannot hurt you anymore.

    *Trip lets the mic drop to his side*
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  5. With some of the fans leaning over the barricade in a suspenseful manner they watch as the microphone drop's next to Aiden.

    Aiden make's he's way back up to he's feet, Realizing the jacket is loose Aiden brings he's arms to he's chest and smiles. Tilting forward the jacket sildes off the body of Aiden as the sadistic fans of ryan cheer.
    He throws the jacket into the crowd and bends down to retrieve he's microphone. He walks to the center of the ring with he's arms out receiving a mixed reaction from the fans.
    "My name Is Aiden Ryan. I am the prince of dark despair. The poetic charmer, The man who will steal your breath and your soul. People have this perception about me as if I am this boy who need's psychological help. Some may say I'm a little unhinged, unbalanced, psychotic even.

    but that's what makes me ten times as strong as any competitor who steps into the ring with me, I am someone of strength, Mentally and Psychically and if anyone challenges me or my brothers standing beside me you will feel the wrath of what is to come. Reagan Cole, I do not fear your army. I do not fear any army other then my own. Our army is strong, We are a brotherhood and we will be standing on top of this promotion as we rightfully should as the number one stable in all of sports entertainment. "
    Aiden takes a bow and stands near Marcus Anthony and Trip In The Head Awaiting for the next arrival.
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    *Trip smiles menacingly*
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    *Trip in the Head takes the mic back away from Ryan as he heads to the back to prepare for a house show against Cole. Trip raises the mic to his mouth as he continues*
    TRIP: Now, we haven't heard too much from our opponents for these belts at Extreme Rules. Gav was too much of a pussy to actually come out to the ring and did a titantron video that nobody paid attention to. He has reason to be scared though. *Trip looks at Marcus and grins* We have been known to show that piece of shit how things go down in the middle of the night when the Order is involved. Keep flapping those gums Gav, maybe someone will pay attention to you again someday.

    *Trip walks towards the ropes for a moment*
    TRIP: And then there's this new group that popped up - SIN. So The Desperate Dolts just pick up another wannabe and now you're a credible stable? Please. You guys obviously believe in Strength In Numbers and the Order has that in spades, in case you hadn't noticed. New members join our cause every night. And the funny part is we don't HAVE to kidnap them anymore @gav the chav , they come to us now. Like lemmings looking for a cliff to dive from, they WANT to give in to the Order. *Trip turns and walks back next to Marcus as he says* And there was never a doubt that they would. *Trip once again takes his place next to Marcus in the middle of the ring and they both hold up their tag team titles triumphantly*

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  11. let me guess...i Jobbed
  12. I dunno, did you? Voting hasn't closed yet has it? I was referencing the dark match that is open for voting right now.
  13. "he heads to the back to prepare for a house show against Cole."
    you are not apart of that Match
  14. Right, Butters is, isn't that what I said???

    EDIT: Ahhhh, ok, I can see how you took it that way. I meant that Ryan was heading back after he handed me the mic.
  15. *gav the chav appears on the titantron*(Gav the chav) at extreme rules the dazzling chavs will reclaim what is rightfully theres when we take on the order and the Desperadoes I hope you lot listen very carefully coz gav wants to tell you something

    The despa fucking radoes what a bunch of fucking cheeky ****s you are at extreme rules gav intended it to be the order v the chavs but you had to stick your fucking huge donkey nose in didn't you well gavs gunna take that huge donkey nose of yours and shove it up that desperate arse of yours you bunch of cheeky ****s

    Don't get me started on the fucking order gavs noticed they have gone on a little kidnapping spree again recently trying to expand your little group eh? Well if anyone thinks joining the order is a fucking brilliant idea just ask yourself this right gav wants you to ask yourself am I really a fucking little doyle who wants to hang around with a bunch of bellends? Nah! Thought not now don't do something silly or you'll make yourself a new enemy in gav the chav

    oh and marcus I told you before and im gunna tell you again get your dirty little paws of my dazzle all this little poison and other shit you're putting in to his head it won't work so back the fuck off or I will fucking drop you!

    And finally @Delik Sunderland are fucking shite and are getting relegated to the championship gav looks forward to the easy 6 points the mighty boro will take from you next year

    *the crowd seem rather confused after witnessing the exact same segment earlier the titantron crash as the words 'Sunderland are shite' play repeated over and over again until it eventually stops playing the camera then cuts to gav who is stood alone at the top of the ramp*

    ( Gav the chav) oi over here you little cheeky **** you eanted me now you've got me well then what the fuck you waiting for? Come on then fight me surely the 2 of you can deal with me no problem I'll even turn my back to you to give you that extra advantage coz gav knows how you both love doing it from behind

    *gav turns his back on the order and waits for a moment before turning back towards them*

    Oh I forgot to mention gav ain't alone oh hell no gav ain't that fucking stupid actually gavs got a little present for the 2 of you get em boys!

    *suddenly a whole army of chavs storm into the ring and attack the order amongst those is a fat mackam wearing a Sunderland top and one who kinda resemble @Aids Johnson gav walks up the ramp laughing at the carnage going on in the ring*
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  16. Good luck with the 6 points my friend, last time I checked the boro weren't getting promoted to the Premier League.
  17. Hmm... nah Sunderland are still going down