And The Spotlight Glows Beyond The Steel Ramp.........

Discussion in 'The Ramp' started by Dylan™, Jun 24, 2013.

  1. And the crowd go ballistic! This is turning into chaos! It's....It's.....It's Dylanderch! Making his debut on WWE Forums! That Legendary Guy has earned his stars, and now he's gonna show what he's worth! He runs down the ramp. One strike two strikes! Adam568 tumbles out of the ring as The Newcoming Dylan rocks the show!

    Well, that was not needed, but screw it! Hey guys, Dylan here, on WWF Forums! Some may know me from Rival (Or Friendly) Wrestling Forum, MP. Some have a bad history with me, like Adam who is mentioned in the above paragraph. Other's like, I believe JwabTV is here, I'm good with. So, lights, cameras and action, as I'm ready to roll................BAAAAABAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!
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  2. Please dont refer to me like that, It doesnt matter what beef we have else where this is a different site. Other than that welcome
  3. Another MP member. Welcome?
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  4. I wouldn't call yourself legendary, but welcome anyway. :russo:
  5. Are you gonna stay or you're just here to troll Adam?

  6. He was banned for 2 days on MP so im not sure
  7. Hi broski welcome to WWEF
  8. Show him some respect. He's a legend for crying out loud.
  9. Me? I did. On this forum I rarely use the word Broski
  10. Welcome to the forum bud.

  11. No,no.
  12. OH MY GOD!! Did you see the way he hit him with those chops?!?! HE'S A HUMAN BEING DAMMIT!! N-No!! Oh dear lord, and this is why ladies and gentlemen, ECW is the land of extreme! :joeystyles:

    Welcome to the forums Mr. Legend :happy:
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    I give you a week at the most.
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  14. Welcome man, hope you have fun around.
  15. Welcome, :hmm:
  16. Welcome!

    Where's all of your Umaga swag gone?? :emoji_wink:

  17. Lol. I'm replacing that with some CM Swag soon.
  18. CM Puls3?? :emoji_wink:
  19. Welcome on board fella.
  20. Welcome to the site :emoji_slight_smile:.
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